August 8, 2013

Vacation Time!

So I'm sure you've hear me bitch and moan about JD never getting any time off.  That tends to happen when you run your own business', especially when you have a horrible time finding and keeping staff...  It's not because we are horrible bosses or the job, it's the pay, and we understand that, trust me!  Any way my replacement advised us that she had taken another job and was only going to be available to work 3 days a week.  Which means JD and Frankie our only other employee are down to 3 days off every other week. We were told about this 2 weeks ago.  So I laid down the law.  I told JD he HAD to take 5 days off before she leaves.  And to my amazement he did it!  So last week JD was home with his family from Wednesday to Sunday.  He had to go back to work on holiday Monday which stunk but whatever!  We made the very best of his time off we could.  Everybody co-operated, except his mother...of course!

Wednesday morning our phone rang and it was my brother and sister in law from Ottawa.  They said "we are on our way to you, do you want us to book a hotel or can we stay with you?"  Long and short of it, Wednesday was spent running around and getting ready for company...Y'know the drill...Costco for food, beds stripped and made, vacuum and wash the floors, cut the grass, and prep food for our big day out the next day.  Thank Gosh it takes 4 1/2 hours to get to our house from Ottawa!  Lol!  It was great though!  They got to meet Lucy.  I hadn't seen my niece and nephew since November so that alone was awesome!  But the fact that they are so in love with Lola and keep her super busy is a huge help.  And I swear my brother is the baby whisperer.  Lol!

Thursday we all went to Canada's Wonderland together.  It was fantastic.  There were no line ups at all.  We walked onto the biggest coaster there with no wait!  AND JD and I actually got to ride a couple of things because we had all this help with Lola and Lucy!  Lola went on quite a few rides.  Not as many as I hoped as she's pretty petite and didn't meet their height requirements for some, but next year she should be a little better.  It didn't matter a hoot to her though, she had a fabulous time!  I kid you not Lucy slept the entire time we were there, and Lola was a dream.  The weather was hot but not steamy.  It was perfect!

On Friday my brother's family headed into Toronto to do the Hockey Hall of Fame and then head back to Ottawa.  So we packed up the car and headed to the Elmvale Zoo!  It's a smaller Zoo but you get really close to the animals.  You are allowed to feed most of them, with the exception of the tigers of course!  Lola fed the giraffe and the goats, and she rode a pony.  She had a fantastic time.  And Lucy was once again a good baby for our outing.

By Saturday we knew we had to get Lola back on her napping schedule.  She was bagged.  We stayed local for the next 2 days and just enjoyed Daddy's company.   It was great for me as I barely changed any poop diapers unless we were out in public.  I still handled the majority of the feedings (until JD starts lactating) but it was wonderful to have another set of hands.  By the end of it I was almost feeling human again.  Hence the ability to get out on 2 runs.

But alas he is now back to work.  And to say I am struggling is hard for me...but I am...I don't know if it's PPD or if it's just me becoming an angry B*TCH!  I'm not always angry there is a lot of tears as well...But mostly that comes from me feeling like a terrible mother because I'm always so spent over the whining and crying!  Plus it doesn't help that LolaBean keeps getting up at 5 am when I've only just got Lucy back down after her 4 am feeding.  OyVay!  Any way I've got a post coming on PPD and asking for help.  Stay tuned!

Much Love!


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