August 12, 2013

The Running Diaries

I've decided that I want to document the running I'm doing.  I'm starting back at square one now.  Yes I was in fabulous shape prior to this pregnancy but not running since 4 months pregnant, really diminishes your abilities.  My cardio is crap now!  And when I got pregnant I was running 5 km's each run, 5 times a week, so 25 km's a week / 15 miles.  For some reason I couldn't get above 5 km's.  I think mainly because I was so focused on increasing my speed rather than increasing my distance.  And even now starting from square one I'm still having to remind myself it's not a race, that it is good enough that I am just getting out there and doing it.  

But all that aside I have again set some lofty goals for myself.  I like having an end goal that I want to achieve.  So I have set two well three goals for myself.  

  1. I want to run a 10 km in October.
  2. I want to do the triathalon again next summer, but faster!
  3. I want to run a marathon next fall.
I think the marathon might be a stretch but I will still check it as an accomplishment if I do a 1/2.  So as you can see I have a lot of work to do.  But it all starts with just tying up my laces and hitting the road.  And that is what I have done.  In the last 8 days I have done 5 runs.  Not my best mind you, but I hit the road!  My times are crap, but again I am running with company and I am starting from scratch.

Here are my runs km's and times...(I'm doing this for my own benefit)
  1. August 4 - ran 3 km in 24 minutes.
  2. August 5 - ran 2 km in 16 minutes
  3. August 9 - ran 3.11 km in 26 minutes
  4. August 11 - ran 4 km's in 35 minutes
  5. August 12 - ran 3.62 km's in 32 minutes.
For a total of 15.73 km's ran and 133 minutes in cardio.  Not too bad...Not to great...but not too bad!

Upon realizing that yes my cardio strength is gone, I decided to upload a new app to my phone.  I already use map my run, but now I am using a great couch to 10km app.  It's called 10K for Pink.  It is fabulous.  I would highly recommend it.  I tried a different app last week and it was crap!  This one is great it tells you when to run, when to walk and when to start your cool down.  The only thing it doesn't do is track your route and your km's, but I can have map my run and my music working at the same time and there is no interference between the apps!

I've decided that every Monday I will do a Running Diary post to document my runs and my mileage.  And then I will try and get back to participating in Weight Loss Wednesday with food ideas and goals.  Oh yeah and when I mentioned that I have company on my runs...I wasn't kidding!  See for yourself!

Yes that's right I take both the girls with me.  We figure I am pushing an extra 60 lbs in front of me.  So here's hoping that this helps shed the extra 17 lbs. from pregnancy and the 10 more that I'd like to lose!

That's it for today!

Much Love!



J o s e y said...

OH man, I ran with just Stella in my single Bob yesterday and it was so much harder. I can't imagine running with a double!

S said...

Good for you! That's awesome!

I have a double BOB jogging stroller for my twins, but I have never used it for anything more vigorous than a moderately-paced walk. . . and truth be told, it's more often used for trips to the mall and grocery store than for exercise. ;-)

Michelle D said...

You are a rock star! I am impressed with your drive. I'm with S...I have a dual jogger and it's never been used for real exercise like I intended when we got it. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Keep it up :)