Pregnancy #1

Our pregnancy was a tough one.  We started off with twins but lost one at 8.5 weeks due to a SCH (a hemorrhage).  I was put on a modified bed rest until week 17, when the SCH healed.  But I was still on light duties, no working out, no nookie, going to work and home, and sitting on my rear end as much as possible.  I failed my level II screening.  The nuchal measurement was good, but my PappA level was very low.  This indicated that there was an issue with the placenta.  I was double checked, triple checked, we were watched very closely.  Low PappA levels can indicate that there is a high probability of pre term labour, still born, and pre-e.  The swelling began at week 19, and gradually got worse and worse.  It was so slow though I didn't notice it all that much.  We found out at week 19 that we were having a baby girl.  Little Miss Lola!  We had a lot of u/s, so there was no doubt she was all girl.  I took a nasty fall at 24 weeks, so my husband said no more working.  At this point I was having non stress tests every other week to almost every week, depending on how the last one went.  I was also having detailed u/s every 2 weeks to measure Lola's growth as they were worried about inter-uterine growth restriction.  At 36 weeks I went in for an u/s and my blood pressure was threw the roof.

At this point they decided I was unable to continue this pregnancy.  My bp was 175/110.  My water was broken at 12:30 in the afternoon.  By 4:30 I finally asked for an epidural.  My contractions were every 2 minutes apart, and it was all in my back.  My mom and dad came for the delivery and JD's mom was there to keep me company as my labour progressed.  JD and I sent everyone home at 9:30 (3cm) and told them we would call when I was at 9cm's.  At 10:00 I started throwing up.  I knew that we were going to make fast progress at that point.  I had heard that hard labour can start with vomiting.  They weren't kidding.  The epidural wasn't working that well at this point.  At 12:00 I was 6 cm's, and in the next hour the pain became constant...  I begged JD to please call my mom.  At 1:00 I took the phone from him and called...I was 9 cm's and being told not to push.  At 2:00 am, the nurse told me to try to push.  I tried and she yelled okay stop we need the Dr.  It took 4 pushes and Lola was in this world.  At 2:26 am my sweet precious, beautiful baby girl was born.  She was tiny but perfectly fine.  She was 4 lbs 12 ounces, 17 inches long.  She was a little jaundiced, but other than that she was wonderful.

I had no tearing, no cutting, no issues with the delivery itself.  But I was unable to pass the placenta and I ended up in the OR at 4:00 to have a D&C.  I was also on magnesium sulfate for another 24 hours post delivery as I was still having blood pressure issues.  It took almost 3 months for my bp to level back out.  It also took over a month for all the swelling to go down.  Looking back I can't believe I didn't notice all the swelling.  Holy Crow was I swollen.  I forgot what my feet looked like!

Even though Lola was a tough pregnancy on me and my body, I can't wait to do it again.  I miss being kicked.  I miss rubbing the sweet baby bum in my belly.  I love having babies, and so wish that I could have them easily.  But I will never regret the broken road that led me to my sweet LolaBean.  Everything we went through led us to this perfect little soul.  She was made just for us!

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