August 7, 2013

NewBorn Photo Shoot

I got our DVD of our photo shoot the other day.  I'm in love!  There are so many good pictures.  Now JD and I made the very big mistake of thinking we wouldn't be in any pictures so neither one of us was really prepared.  But that's okay one or two of the ones with us in them are alright.  The family shot is awful though.  You can totally see my still protruding 2 week baby bump.  Argh!  Oh well!  So with no further ado, here are some pictures of the L's!  Lol!

This last picture is one of my favorites.  My Mom hates it!  I think it's artistic and it shows just how tiny she was!  Speaking of tiny...My little 5 pounder is 5 weeks...9 pounds!!!!  Crazy right!?!?  We think we figured out what all the crying is about.  It's growing pains.  She's 2 inches taller than at birth and my gosh she's 9 pounds now!  Yes there is some gas and acid reflux issues but you can't tell me growing that fast doesn't hurt?!?!  

Anyway time to sign off.  More blogging to come.  I've promised myself I will continue to document all of our adventures.  So there are plenty posts to come.  Next up...Daddy's vacation time!

Much Love!



Michelle D said...

Such great pictures. Love the first one of the Lola and the owl hat with Lucy. And I too really like the last one as well. Such pretty girls. Love the sibling picture tender. Good job mommy. And goodness yah I'd cry too growing that fast.

Princess Wahna Bea Mama said...

Gorgeous pictures! Congrats!