August 5, 2013

Post Partum body

Oh it sucks!  Pregnancy is great!  You gain weight, you worry a little but not too much as all you want is a chubby happy newborn!  But then BAM just like that the pregnancy is over and you are expected to be back to your old weight.  And why do we expect this?  Because of the celebrities that have chefs and trainers at their beck and call and get back into fighting form 4 weeks PP.  You know what I have to say to that...  Piss Off!!!!

So here's the stats...

Starting Weight : 131 lbs.
Delivery Time : 170 lbs.
5 weeks PP : 148 lbs.

Just so you all understand this weight issue I have...I am only 5'2.  And when I put on weight it likes to take up residence in my rear end and thighs.  Unfortunately this time I also have a belly.  I think maybe because I carried all out front, or maybe it's because I have a love affair with cheese.  

Now if you are new to my blog you may not be aware that I worked my tail off before going for this FET.  In January of 2012 I weighed 184 lbs.  By mid summer I was down to 131 lbs, and I ran a triathlon.  I watched every piece of food that went into my mouth.  And I ran almost daily.  I did it a very healthy way.  And it was a LOT of hard work.  Now because I had such a rough pregnancy with Lola my Dr wasn't willing to take any chances with this one and advised me to not run, bike or weight lift.  My only option was swimming.  Which due to schedules was not happening.  So I lost my fitness level and became soft.  And here is where I sit.

Hating my body.  And I keep telling myself to be easy on myself as I'm only 5 weeks post birth.  But there is definitely a little fat kid inside me that knows if I don't get on top of it soon I will be back at 184 lbs again.  With no excuse this time!  I am still attempting to breast feed.  And we are doing okay at it.  I'm not her sole provider of food but that's okay by me.  Because I am BF'ing I'm not restricting my calories.  But I need to be smarter about my nutrition and get my body moving again.  So no more calling JD after a particularly challenging day and saying bring home Wendy's and biggie size that bitch!  Lol!  

Here are my current goals...

Eat at home at least 5 days a week.  
Eat 2 fruits a day
Eat 3 veggies a day
Eat 8-12 oz of protein a day.
Get my body moving every day...whether it's a run, walk or a body something!

I did my first run yesterday and I did 3 kms.  Now I did walk quite a bit but there was a lot of running in there.  I'm kind of doing the couch to 5 km version or starting back to my running.  I'm just starting a little further ahead.  And today I took both girls in my running stroller and did 2 kms by myself.  Let me tell you adding an extra 40 lbs in front to push changes the entire run.  But it's good for me and the girls.  

I better sign off...There's a bomb waiting in LucyLou's diaper and Lola is chewing my arm off for some lunch!  

Much Love!

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J o s e y said...

You've done it once, you can do it again! Great goals.