July 30, 2013

Gas Gas Baby!

But first a big Thank you to all those that responded to my last post.  I will go into detail on what I have tried as of late and what changes I am in the process of making.

We are so sleep deprived in this house.  My apologies if this post is rambley as I am that tired.  Miss LucyLou is still not sleeping all that great at night.  For example last night she had me up at 12:30, then 3:00, and finally 5:00.  I was able to get her back down by 5:30 only to have Lola great me at the top of the stairs.  And since we were supposed to have LucyLou's one month well visit today, I decided to shower and attack the day.  Well Dr's appointment was cancelled, LolaBean went to the sitters and LucyLou decided to scream most of the afternoon away.  So all in all a wash of a day.  Now I sit here and type with a raging headache while BubbleGuppies watches my toddler and my newborn snoozes in her car seat.  I should be prepping dinner while Lucy sleeps but ... I don't want to!  Lol!

So onto the gassy baby topic.  I have tried a different formula.  I went from sim.ilac to enfamil.gentle ease and Lucy screamed bloody murder and refused every bottle.  We tried 5 bottles of the stuff and she refused every single one.  I also switched to the playtex drop in liner bottles last week and Lucy tried to deep throat the nipples.  We have always used the Tommy.Tippee bottles which have a wide nipple more like a real bobbie, well apparently the playtex ones are too skinny for Lucy's liking.  I was going to pick up one of the Dr.Brown's today as our Dr's appointment was near Tar.get, but alas that didn't happen.  We also thought maybe it was her acid reflux medication making her gassy so we witheld that for 18 hours, we finally broke down and gave her some as she was screaming when she was trying to take a bottle.  So that's not it...  I did a little research on my own about foods to stay away from...and guess what...?  It might have been me...(sheepishly hanging my head)  I have been living on chocolate.  I'm craving it like a 13 year old on her first period!  Lol!  And I've been indulging in a iced cap every other day...I know awful...But I've deprived myself of iced caps for 5 years!  And seriously I'm so tired I needed the caffeine.  But of course those are difficult for babies to digest.  So I'm off the chocolate, peanut butter, iced caps and broccoli.  I'm cleansing....Lots of water, asparagus, chicken, eggs, prunes, etc...  It's just a wait and see now to see if it all makes a difference.  
I had no idea that 4-6 weeks was a gas high period for babies!     It's such a guessing game being a mom, whether it's your first time or your second.  All babies are different.  And you forget so quick.  

Anyway...I'm falling in love.  And I swear I'm falling more and more in love with my LolaBean everyday seeing what a fantastic big sister she is.  And JD, well JD couldn't be any better.  I better go as Miss LucyLou is grunting now.  Another post coming about my (urgh!) post partum body!  But I'll leave you with another picture...

Much Love!



Michelle D said...

Glad that you have something to narrow down and try out. I hope leaving the chocolate out helps. My sister-in-law has the same problem with all 4 of her kids...no chocolate and sometimes no dairy. Poor woman. I hope you can find a new craving if chocolate is the fix. Also our Seren was a gassy pants and it took me until almost 4 months to discover tummy massages. I learned to gently push and rotate her legs up into her tummy and around...she was a farting machine. My friends all laughed but it was miracle worker for her. Good luck.

Brenda said...

So glad you have something to try. One of my boys was a gas bag, too. We did the same thing that Michelle D did (rotate legs up to tummy and around) and we also put him on his tummy across our legs and massaged his belly. A better explanation: sit down, lay the baby perpendicular across your lap on her tummy (so that her arms are on one side of your lap and her legs are on the other side). Then, alternately move one leg up to press on her tummy, bring it back down, and then do the same thing with the other.

As an added bonus, it has always helped me to have something warm on my tummy when I have gas/tummy ache. I use a heating pad with my kids since they just turned 4 (??!!??). But I think a hot water bottle or a fabric sack full of rice and heated gently in the microwave would help as well.