June 6, 2013

33, 34 and 35 Weeks at 35!

My apologies for my absence.  Everything is fine with CupCake and LolaBean.  We've had some work hiccups and some doggy drama that I'll expand on in a little bit.  But first let's get you all caught up on this pregnancy.

I seem to be nearing the end.  At my last Dr's appointment he advised me if I can make it to 37 weeks we will be looking at inducing me.  It's just too risky as I had HELLP syndrome last time.  He's not willing to take the chance.  Everything looks great though.  My blood pressure has been holding steady.  I had a growth scan a week and a half ago and baby weighed 5 lbs.  I've had 2 non stress tests and passed both with flying colors.  My weight is up, up, up!  Which is to be expected.  I had hoped to not exceed 25 lbs.  And unfortunately I am up 30 lbs. now.  But in 2 weeks I only put on a pound and so far this week, none.  I have started to swell though.  And by swelling I mean gigantic, to the point of bruising!!!!  I did way too much on Saturday and started swelling mid day.  Well the swelling finally went down to a reasonable level yesterday!  So that's 5 days!  I ate broccoli, asparagus and pounded the water for those 5 days.  I also had JD give me very painful foot and calf rubs to try to pull the swelling out.  I do think having a bath in Epson salts really helped too by the way.

We still have not 100% decided on a name for our little cupcake.  We are all over the map on names.  I'm a little anxious about it to be honest with you.  Her room is ready though.  Lola's is finished as well.  I'll post pictures of that soon I promise!  I am packing my suitcase tonight.  I just have 2 more things to purchase and then I am ready.  For some reason a part of me thinks this baby is going to come on her own.  I think it will be the last week of June though.  My employee thinks it'll be next week!  Lol!  Only time will tell.

This weekend is Lola's 2nd birthday!  What a big girl I have.  She sings, dances, speaks in sentences, tells me when she poops or toots!  Lol!  There are just so many changes at this age it is so hard to keep up with them.  Everyday she throws me a new curve ball.  She's such a happy baby!  I feel so incredibly blessed.

And yes as the title indicates.  I am now 35!  My birthday was not a big how do you do though.  I worked.  JD forgot to get me the cake I've asked for for 5 years.  I was really really hurt by that.  I had only asked for one thing.  A dairy.queen ice cream cake.  I've been asking for it since my tube removal surgery on my 30th birthday.  And I am still waiting....  He did however get me a nice thoughtful present.  But I am having him return it so we can put the money towards the double running stroller I want.  I know...But right now it's a matter of need over want.

I am still working.  On what was to be my last day my one employee up and quit on me.  No notice.  I have a better job offer today is my last day!  FUCK!!!!  This sucks!  So I am working until I really can't anymore.  Which means until my water breaks or the Dr induces me.  We are of course looking for someone, but the quality of people that have come in lately is depressing to say the least.

Onto the doggy drama.  It looks as though we are going to have to put down my dear old dog, Maddie.  I am so heartbroken about this.  She has had a great life though.  She is 13 1/2 years old.  She has recently gone blind (no biggy), but it appears she had an ulcer on her eyeball that has now infected and is trying to rupture.  Disgusting!  We have been to the vet and they want to send us to an animal ophthalmologist.  Not going to happen.  That would be a $500 walking through the door appointment.  And then what?  Surgery to remove the eye?  She's 13 1/2 with a bum neck.  I can't in good conscience do this to my old dog.  Sure my heart is breaking at losing her.  And I feel awful that the money factor is playing any type of role in our decision making process.  But we have to be realistic.  We have a newborn on the way, a toddler, me off work for at least a year, so taking care of a sickly dog and spending that kind of money right before things are about to get tighter around here...Not an option.  

So I'm sad...Sorry to leave you all on this note...But this is getting really long...  How about I leave you with 2 bump pictures?!

Much Love!



J o s e y said...

Happy belated birthday! I can't believe you're 35w along already. Wow. Glad things are going well!

Michelle D said...

Happy late birthday also! :) You look great. Excited for you to have cupcake in your life. Glad they are being cautious with you and happy you are doing well.