June 13, 2013

1-2 cm's and UpDates

That's where I am at today...well correction as of yesterday.  So it appears this little girl will be making her appearance early as well.  I'm really hoping I am one of those woman that just walks around 2 cm's dilated for like a week or so.  I would love to keep her cooking until at least 37 weeks, regardless of how uncomfortable I am.  

We also have our maternity photo's booked for Sunday (Father's Day) and I would really like to get those done.   But it's not up to me!

I'm still working and I don't know that that is really helping us any.  Since I'm up and down the whole day.  JD is scheduled to work the next 7 days straight.  So if I'm not here I'm home alone with Lola.  Our business life BLOWS the BIG Gigantic gonads right now...!!!!  Angry face!   I just know that when I do go into labor it's going to be this big freaking deal for our staff (only one guy) to pull his act together and get into the office.  He's always a nightmare when you ask for that little bit more out of him.  Through the last 2 years he is the only person that has gotten 1 1/2 days off every week and a weekend off every month.  Anyway...can you tell I'm a bit cranky?  Lol!  

Okay so now onto the updates...

Lola's 2nd birthday was a blast.  She had a fantastic day.  She had a surprise visit from Grandma and Grandpa!  She adores my parents.  And they spoiled her with a play cottage that she LOVES!!!  When she wakes up in the morning she looks out the window and screechs "My House!".  God Love Her she makes me laugh!  We took her to Chu.ckie Che.ese with her Nana, Uncle, Aunt and cousins.  She was very much over stimulated.  I think it was too much for her.  She wouldn't eat there, or even back at Nana's.  I think she was in overload.  She loves her cousins (the twins) and they just ramp her up, and then with her Grandparents all there, it was all too much.  We got home late (8pm) from our outing and she immediately ran into the kitchen, climbed into her chair and yelled at me "Eat Now Mommy!"  So suffice it to say she didn't get her to bed until 9pm.  And we still had not given her our present.  And we couldn't before bed as it is an outdoor present.  So she really had a birthday weekend.   We gave her her jeep Sunday morning and she immediately took her boyfriend Teo (as she calls him) for a ride.  They were so cute with their helmets on giggling to each other, neither one steering.  Everytime we open the garage and she sees her big pink jeep her mouth opens in this big O and her eyes get really wide!  It's so funny!  

Sunday was the first really nice day we've had in 2 weeks so we spent over 5 hours outside.  Lola was awesome all weekend.  And then of course Monday hits.  And now her 2 year molars are on the move.  She still happy but she's not eating a whole lot, and she keeps pointing at her mouth and saying hurt, mommy, hurt.  Poor thing!  

Okay now onto the doggie update.

Well...she lives!  Amazingly enough our old girl made a major turn on the antibiotics.  She appears to be doing much better.  The vet advised us the eye no longer looks as though it is going to rupture.  Thank Gosh!!!  She may take longer than a young dog would to heal and there may be scarring but she should be okay.  Now mind you she is still blind as she is that old.  But it's all manageable.  I know her time is very limited.  But I really wanted her to make it to this one's birth and I wanted her in Lola's 2 year photos.  Cheezie I know...whateves...if you aren't a dog person you won't get it.

Okay I'm going to go and eat and drink something.  Please pray these are just braxton hicks!  One more week cupcake, one more week!

Much Love!


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Michele said...

Thanks for the happy running comment! :)

And I'm cheering your cupcake on to at least 1 more week!! Bake, bake, bake!!