May 14, 2013

A Recipe Cook / Blog Changes

That's me!  I definitely am not a cook by nature.  I bake very well but I'm reluctant to experiment with my own recipes.  Meaning I very rarely veer off the beaten path.  And well cooking...lets just say I wasn't the best eater growing up so of course I took very little interest in creating food.  I cooked with my mom but it was always meat and potatoes and very bland seasonings.  

Now that I'm older and my palate has changed...cough..cough..I've stopped being so stubborn.  I have found that I do really enjoy food.  With lots of different  flavors, textures, and styles.  I now find myself stalking the food blogs looking for new fantastic recipes.  Now I will say I have had to adjust a few of them to suit some of my food aversions and to make them a smidge bit healthier, but I have come across a few great winners!

As you may or may not have noticed.  I have cleaned up my blog reader a little bit.  And I've added some running and food blogs that I have found quite good.  I'm not running right now, but I plan on getting back to it PDQ after PJ is born, and I plan on attacking it harder than I ever had.  I want to do a marathon next summer.  So reading other runner's blogs and healthy nutrition blogs is keeping me very motivated.  

Any of the recipes I try that are a hit I will definitely post a link to them here for my fellow blog friends.  Like this one ....  Fresh Margarita Chicken  from Iowa Girl Eats.  It was FANTASTIC!!!  I even made the lime cilantro rice and the guacamole.  LolaBean and JD loved it!  It was super easy.  I was nervous about the guacamole as I'm not a huge avocado fan, but on top of the chicken it was pure heaven!  Seriously pop over, check it out and try it.  You will not be sorry!

Anyway, this blog post was intended to tell you where I am heading with this blog.  It will be more of a family blog about cooking, running and parenting after Infertility.  My trying to conceive days are over.  I turn 35 this week.  Our second baby girl is due this summer.  And doing another DE cycle just gives me anxiety thinking about it.   Maybe that will change...I mean I'm only 35, but for more...  I still hope you will follow me and my family's adventures.  And I hope you like what you find gracing this space.

Much Love!



Gypsy Mama said...

When I finally have a baby I am totally going to write about the same things! I look forward to reading your recipes and parenting stories :)

Anonymous said...

Love the changes!!!