May 2, 2013

30 Week Appointment

I had my Dr's appointment yesterday!  Not a moment too soon (I'll expand on that in a minute)!  Everything looks great!  My blood pressure is nice and stable.  My weight is great (I only gained 2 lbs in the last month!).  I passed my gestational diabetes test.  I however failed my iron (as expected).  So I've been prescribed iron supplements...Urgh!  I am now down to seeing him every 2 weeks.  Still no awful NST yet, but I'm sure they are going to be booked at my next appointment.  As I'm sure I will be having a growth scan in the next month as well.

Now onto the not a moment too soon comment.  I have been having some issues with cough, cough... going, cough, cough...You get my drift?  Anyway throughout the pregnancy it has gotten worse and worse.  Where I will go 3-4 days with out going.  And then when I finally do have some movement, I get awful searing intestinal pain which is causing contractions.  The pain is excruciating   It feels like my intestines are being ripped apart.  I get so blocked that even my derriere hurts...Then I know I'm about 1 day away from when I will finally go #2.  And trust me I've tried all the fruits, veggies, metamucil you can handle.  Nothing seems to help.  I even eat prunes for breakfast everyday.  So now that I've been prescribed an iron supplement, it seems I have to take more drastic measures.  I actually asked the pharmacist about a stool softener.  Gawk!!!  So embarrassing!   But something has to happen, I'm afraid this intestinal issue is actually going to throw me into labor!  Okay that's enough about my embarrassing issue...

Anyway the Dr is not concerned about much with my health.  But he did note that I am carrying really low.  And considering Lola was so low and so easily induced he thinks it might be a good idea to back off a bit at work.  Unfortunately my job has me on my feet a lot of the day.  And because I've already had boughs of swelling and with how low she is...well we just want to try to keep her in there cooking a bit longer.  So I told JD he's got me for 2 more weeks and then we will re-examine how I'm feeling.  

Lola's toddler room is almost finished.  I'm hoping to have it done this weekend!  I promise I'll snap some pictures of it.  And hopefully they will have Miss Diva in them as well!  

That's my update currently!

Much Love!


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