April 4, 2013

99 Days Left!

Wowzer!  I can't believe we are down to the double digits.  It's time for an update on how this pregnancy is fairing.  

So far everything is great!  My blood pressure is stable.  I've had small boughts of swelling but it's always gone down after hydrating and putting my feet up.   The acid reflux is starting but I've managed it okay until now with tums or avoiding foods I know is going to cause it.  Little Miss Frostie is an active baby and lets me know she is there all the time.  I can actually watch her kicking me as my belly hops and shifts.  My weight gain isn't fantastic...I'm up 20 lbs now.  But I'm blaming it on the cravings that started last week.  I ate a whole birthday cake!  And it was no ones birthday!  Lol!  Plus the fact that I've been on Dr's orders to take it easy has meant I've been way less active than I would like to be.  But...this is all changing now!  My placenta is moving up.  It was at 1 cm now it is at 3 cm from the cervix.  So I've been advised I can relax a bit on my 'resting'.  Which means I am going to try to start using my at home elliptical   I'm aiming to start with at least 15 minutes a day and then move it up to 1/2 an hour as my confidence grows.  My body is missing the running.  My muscles are seizing up and just begging to get used.  I've had to drop Sunday yoga as it was cutting into our family time.  We don't have a lot of time where all of us are together and Sunday afternoon is our one day a week where we get to spend 4-5 hours together.  JD is on 60 days straight or some crazy S like that!  It's insane!

We still do not have a name picked out for Miss Frostie.  Nothing feels right yet.  We have a few contenders, but nothing that is like OH YAH THAT'S IT!!!!  So far we have Molly Jane, Peyton Jordan, or Jordan Jane...I don't know....

I've done oodles of work on the basement.  I am ready for the electrician this weekend.  He is coming to put in 5 outlets in the basement so we can have power in our 2 make shift guest rooms and our work out area.  Right now there is only one outlet for a 900 square foot area!  WTF!?!?!  Good job builder!  Once he's done I am going to start painting the wainscoting for Lola's new room.  This weekend while the electrician does his work in the basement I plan on washing the walls in Lola's room to prep it for painting.  I will also be removing the old curtains and hanging the new light fixture.  I plan on actually doing the painting next weekend!  And I'm sure Miss Lola is going to be a huge help with this.  

Well this post is getting a little long...  I don't have a new belly picture yet, but I will take one on the weekend for you...But don't fret...I'll leave you with some recent Lola pictures!  Ahhh My Love!!!!

Much Love!


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Michelle D said...

Oh my goodness...Lola is so cute. Darling pictures. I love the birthday cake craving...made me giggle. I think Peyton is an adorable name, although they are all cute. Good luck. Sounds like you are doing great and hope it continues smooth sailing.