March 27, 2013

My Toddler...the Comedian!

Oh man!  This child just keeps me in stitches.  And it's not only me or us I should say.  Our sitter is a stay at home mom with 3 kids.  1 is 23 and has just moved out and the other 2 are 16 boy/girl twins.  She is from a very large dysfunctional family.  And you know life is life and there is always stressful days, and M (our sitter) tells me all the time she wouldn't make it through the day with out Lola.  She just cracks her up all the time.  I don't know that it is intentional or not.  I think it is just her personality.  She just has these funny ways of doing things.  And her vocabulary for a almost 22 month old is out of this world.  She is putting 3-4 word sentences together now.  She tries to have full conversations with you all the time, but you can only understand 3-4 words each sentence.  Lol!  

Any way it makes me so happy that she fits in with my sitter's family so well because once a week she is there from 630-630.  So she is with them for family dinner.  The twins LOVE her.  Both of them are dancers...And I mean serious dancers.  As in the school they go to is pretty much like the school in FA.ME. And the son, he dances in the summer in LA with Diz.zy.Feet...Y'know the group from So you think you can dance?  So the daughter she dances with Lola and the son practices lifts with her and bench presses her!  She Loves it!  She counts with him and signs and yells for more.  She bee bops away to music.  Even in the car if she doesn't like the song she yells at me change song!  Lol!  So come 2 - 2 1/2 we are putting Lola into a dance school.  I've researched and I've found a really good dance school and gymnastics club for her.  Next year is going to be really busy for me!  

Miss LolaBean has also discovered how to stick out her bottom lip in a pout.  The problem is she has trouble holding it with out smiling or laughing.  It's rather funny to see her try to manipulate us with this but be unable to hold it long enough to garner sympathy.  Oh but she tries!  She actually has mastered a number of things recently and gone backwards in some areas.  She now can really run!  And she's working on skipping.  But she is now refusing to eat with utensils...whatever...And I can't seem to get her off the bottles.  I've tried and tried.  She is just not ready.  And please don't leave me comments telling me how bad of a mother I am because I have an almost 2 year old still drinking bottles.  This kids eats like no tomorrow most of the time and she drinks a ton of water but she still begs for 5 bottles a day...and she is still so tiny that I feel bad for not loading her with obviously necessary calories and fat.  

Sorry blog friends I'm going to have to cut this post short.  Work is busy and I have to rush off!  More later and hopefully with some new Lola pictures!

Much Love!



Stephanie said...

What a doll! Sounds like you have a great arrangement with your sitter and that Lola is such a fun little girl to be around. I can't wait to get my daughter in dance class too. I bet the pout is adorable - I can just picture it! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't feel like a bad mom, my two year old still gets a bottle at naptime and bed time. I always make sure I brush her teeth after her bedtime bottle though. I'm hoping we can get away with passing them down to baby sister when she gets here in June.

Reagan and Trevor's Mommy said...

Pa-lease! I let my daughter keep her paci until well after 3 when her dentist finally told me it had to go! (It really did, her palate formed around it) There will be no judging coming from over here!!!