January 31, 2013

17 Weeks - With Pictures

17 weeks!  Wow!  I can't believe everything is still just ticking along as it should.  I feel the snow baby almost daily.  Not enough that anyone else could feel it, it's just once you've experienced it you never forget the sensation, so I think you feel it sooner on number 2.  Okay let's get to the pictures...  the first picture was taken on the morning of the transfer.  Actually it was on the way to the transfer, hence the lack of heels.  Lol!  If you know me at all you know I always wear a heal unless it's snowing then I wear my Harley's...  But anyway in that picture I was 129 lbs.  Awesome!!!  The second picture I took yesterday.  You can see the belly has definitely popped out.  I think I am 135 lbs. right now.  I don't know I haven't weighed myself this week.  I feel a lot bigger than that though.  I'm a little afraid to get on the scale.  But I will say this today I am wearing the exact same outfit that I am in picture #1, it just fits a little snugger...  Lol!  


I haven't purchased or tried on any of my maternity clothes yet.  Mainly because I lent a lot of my maternity clothes to a friend and just haven't gotten them back.  The problem is the friend is the same size as me (roughly) and everything is too big for her as well.  So it sounds like I am going to have to buy some new pants.  And I think I am going to have to break down soon too.  Everything just feels uncomfortable lately.  It just all hits in the wrong spots.  

Health wise I'm feeling okay.  I've been battling a head cold for over a week now and that is dragging me down.  But other than that I'm alright.  I still am suffering from wicked headaches, but I'm getting used to them.  I have my level II ultrasound on Monday.  I'm hoping I will be able to find out the sex.  JD is not able to come to the appointment with me, so I just might not share if I do find out. Lol!  Who am I kidding I won't be able to contain myself.  This is when it became very real with Lola and I have a feeling it will be the same with snow baby.  

And no I have not made it back to the gym yet.  That is one thing that is really putting me a bad mood.  I just can't seem to find the time or the energy.  I know I would feel a whole lot better if I just went and did it, but honestly the hour of alone time in between work and picking up Lola is just so nice at the house...  I get the dishes done, I lay out dinner, I have a snack and a power nap.  I am still going to pre-natal yoga and that feels good.  I also am back to taking Lola swimming, but we are going on Sunday mornings now.  That's about all I have on pregnancy #2 updates.  

I thought I would leave you with a picture of the LolaBean.  She was on a nature walk with Daddy...Hence the joyous smile on her face.  She's a total Daddy's Girl.  

Much Love!



Michelle D said...

You look amazing in both pictures! Enjoy kicking your feet up a bit and don't worry so much on that end ;) How exciting to be feeling things earlier too...I'm sure that adds comfort to the paranoia of pregnancy after IF. Lola is adorable :) Beautiful girl. Good luck with the upcoming u/s. Take care.

Anonymous said...

She is so cute and you look great! Cant wait to hear abotu the appoitment!

Anonymous said...

Hey KS,
You seriously look fantastic. Give yourself a break re: that hour to yourself. You are 17 weeks pregnant and will be really soon so enjoy! Lolabean is gorgeous! MFHappilyxx