February 6, 2013

Snow Baby is a ....


I can't believe it!  I'm totally shocked!  I thought for sure we were having a boy!  JD has thought girl since before the transfer.  So he wasn't too surprised.  But he did laugh and laugh when he finally found out.  I bought a onsie that says Little Sister and put it and the 3D picture at his place at the dinner table for when he got home from work.  It was nice to surprise him with something!  

I thought I would feel a little sad that we won't have a son, but actually I'm really quite fine.  This will definitely be my last pregnancy.  We will never cycle again.  And I'm totally good with this.  My family feels complete.  We really just wanted Lola to have a sibling.  Someone to grow up with.  We really did not want her to be an only child.  And by God's grace we have been blessed with a second miracle.  Thank God for Science and a great team of Doctor's!  

So now the trouble of picking a name begins.  We have none to date that are stand outs to us.  Thankfully we have quite a bit of time.  And another huge bonus of this one being a girl is that I really don't need to buy anything.  I saved all the super cute fabulous clothes Lola wore!  So it's awesome to know that we only have to spend money on making Lola a toddler room!  I'm so excited!!!!  This all just became super real!

One more major milestone for us to pass is my next OB appointment on Monday.  I will find out all the results from my level II testing.  This is where everything went sideways with Lola with the PAPP-A.  I think everything is looking good though or else he would have mentioned something at my last appointment (I think).  I'll keep you all posted!

I'm off to shop maternity clothes on-line!

Much Love!



Stephanie said...

Congrats, how exciting!!! That is nice that you really won't have to buy much for this little one. Hope your appointment next week with the OB goes off without a hitch!

Augusta said...

Congrats! A girl...how awesome!
I bet Lola will be excited to have a sister.

Michelle D said...

Yeah! Congrats! Girls are great. I agree that I missed the boy I thought would be one of our twins but it was short lived and now love that they are sisters. Lola will have so much fun having a sister and they'll be pretty close in age. Sisters are the best. So excited for you guys :) Good luck with the next appointment too.

J o s e y said...

Awh - SISTERS! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Awesome NEWS KS!!!! Congrats!!