October 2, 2012

Teething ... And blogger advise needed!

What a nightmare teething can be!  It sneaks up on you.  And I don't know about everyone else's babies but with LolaBean it's kind of a guessing game that it is her teeth that are bugging her.  LB has a full mouth of teeth.  The only ones she is missing is her four eye teeth, stomach teeth, canines, whatever people call them!  LOL!  I've heard them referred to by all this last week!  Because she has a mouth full of teeth it is very rare that we actually get up enough nerve to stick our fingers in her mouth.  The minute you do put that peter pointer finger near her mouth she chomps down with all her might with this devilish little smile on her face.  And she laughs and laughs while you squeal in pain!  It's just plain mean!  And of course it is something JD taught her.  I told him to stop laughing when she would bite him as it would turn into all kinds of bad.  Did he listen?  Nope!  LOL!  Momma knows!

Suffice it to say this last week has been a bit of a struggle.  We've had the flu bug rip through my offices, my sitters, my family and friends, and LB teething.  This time with her teething she decided not to eat or sleep.  She went without food from Wednesday to Sunday, just taking bottles and the random yogurt and some, very little fruit.  Arrggh!  But the sleeping thing was killing us.  And even now with the tooth broken through she is still getting up at around 4:45 am every day.  This is not very productive to Mommy getting ready for work.  I can only get up so dang early!  

Usually my little muffin pops more than one tooth at a time, so I don't think we are out of the woods yet...  But she's still happy so that's a plus!  I can't believe how fast this last 16 months has gone.  I so hope I get to experience all of this again.  Even the pregnancy stuff.  Oh the aches and pains, but then the best part the kicks!  It makes me all teary eyed just thinking of it!  One of my employees is pregnant...I kind of have a hard time looking at her belly and yet I try and peak at it every week to see if it's bigger.  Gosh IF has really done a number on me!

I realized I haven't posted any pics in awhile...So for your viewing pleasure...Without further ado...Miss LolaBean!

Sick Baby with a cold, but still rocking her sweet sense of style!

Pointing out all the fallen leaves!

Her New Pink Chair

Maybe I'll do a full separate post about this...but I'll put this question out there to all my blog friends.  What photo programs are you all using to be able to write on your photos?  And seriously can any one help me redesign my blog?  I hate that I have no clue how to navigate blogger anymore.  It's not nearly as user friendly as it once was.  Help!!!

Much Love!



J o s e y said...

Shoot me an email if you want some blog design help. I can't do the HTML for blogger, but I can show you how to find a template or modify one of their templates.

As for the pictures, I use my Adobe Photoshop Elements to edit pics. Not sure what other people use.

LisainSK said...

Clueless in the blog department! And a full mouth of teeth?? LN10 is envious!!

Cam said...

Aaaargh teething! We've had a reprieve for weeks and weeks now so not looking forward to the next bunch! I am so with you on the preg issue...would love to do it all again...to experience it again. Have a friend who has just fallen pregnant again and am so jealous. Maybe because I wont be again :(