October 11, 2012

Oh My Gosh!

We leave next Sunday!!!  WE leave next Sunday!!!  WE LEAVE NEXT SUNDAY!!!


How is it possible that this waiting has flown by?  So fast in fact that I forgot to start my prednisone on Tuesday morning.  LOL!  I ended up taking it Tuesday night, so what eves!  But seriously...How does an FET sneak up on you?

And yesterday was our 'concieve-aversary'!  Lola was created exactly 2 years and 1 day ago.  Sniff sniff, single tear...  My sweet baby girl.  These anniversaries are so etched into our memories.  It was on 11/11/10 we got to see our miracle growing inside me.  What special memories this month holds for JD and I.

It was actually 4 years ago that we started the DE journey.  We flew out at the end of October and had the transfer the first week on November.  Of course that didn't turn out as planned...But we know a whole lot more now than we did then.

We've actually discussed what we would do if this fails...We have a plan...we just don't have the funds to do anything about it right away...Any way we aren't going to talk about failing.  We are going to focus on the positives...well I'm going to try!

The meds are going okay I think...I mean I don't have u/s eyes or anything...so I think everything is ticking along as it should be.  I started the prednisone and I start the antibiotics next Tuesday.  Shoot!  I just remembered I'm supposed to pick up my PIO this week from the local clinic.  I guess I should get on that.  

I got knocked down with the flu this week, so that took me out of action for a bit.  I'm back up and at em now as I have no other choice.  I would love LOVE to be at home in pj's doing nothing for one full day but alas that is not in my future!  

Oh well!  I'm off to continue fighting with some downloads I've been working on for the last hour!  LOL!  I am so NOT tech savvy!  LOL!

Much Love!



J o s e y said...

Wow - this is moving right along!! So exciting!

Augusta said...

I'm excited for you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well, and that Lola gets to have a sibling in about 9 months.

Cam said...

Oh wow that is awesome!!! Will be holding thumbs MissLola's little sibling could be on the way soon x

Anonymous said...

Soooo hoping all this works out KS!!

Michelle D said...

I'm excited for you both. Keeping fingers crossed for a BFP soon :)