November 5, 2010


Well it is a good thing I'm overly cautious with my TSH levels.  I went to my GP yesterday to have my thyroid panel run, and sure enough my TSH level has gone from 0.9 to 6.5!  Yikes!  That is the highest I've ever been!  Even when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto my TSH level was just a smidgen out of range.  It has always been my antibodies that were insane (3725 - 5750 and normal level is 250 or under).

It was great getting to tell my Dr why I was in there so early to have my thyroid panel (wasn't due for another 3 months).  He was thrilled!  You should have seen the smile on his face!  He said to me though at 6 weeks it's probably too early for the pregnancy to have affected your TSH by much.  Well guess what we'z was wrong!  The nurse is calling in a new prescription for me now.

I'm guessing this is why I've been having dizzy spells and possibly the headaches.  I don't know it could be pregnancy related or tsh?!?!  Who knows!  But let me tell you I am a little happy to know my TSH was out of whack.  I know it sounds rather silly, but it just reassures me there is something going on in my body, upsetting it's balance!  What is that you ask!  Oh that's right!  It's a bebe!  Or as JD refers to it a SweetPea!

I've written about 3 posts this week and posted none of them!  I have been so sick this week.  I got smacked with the Flu bug this week.  Today is the first day I have felt human.  And now I'm back to worrying.  We have 6 more days until the u/s.  6 more days of angst and worry.  6 more days of fretting about there being a heartbeat.  6 more days of utter frustration.  I really wish I had x-ray vision right now!  LOL!  I will tell you this though.  If JD and I make it past this u/s we are going to be in the market for a Doppler!  I will need constant reassurance that this bebe is sticking around. 

Sorry if I seem to be rambling.  TSH fog brain is horrible.  I really should have realized this was going on before this.  I've been messing up sentences, numbers, pretty much having the 'stupids' for about a week now.  I honestly thought it was just because my universe tilted when I got a +.  I thought maybe my mind was taking a little while to come back down to earth.  Guess Not! 

Much Love!



Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for posting this RE found out that my TSH is a smidgen over normal as well but for IVF purposes wants it below 3.5. So if I get the BFP next Wednesday I'll have to remember to monitor this. I would anyway but would have wondered when to get it tested. So earlier the better like at 6w is probably what I'll do.

And hang in there until u/s!!! Glad you are feeling better.

Jess said...

So glad that you got it checked and your meds adjusted. Babies do not have any thyroid until 12 weeks and draw completely from you until then. Mine was off almost from the start and I had to increase my meds within the first few weeks. I felt much better after that, but it did not help the headaches.