October 2, 2015

IVF Coverage in Ontario Canada!

We are so over the moon excited with the announcement yesterday.

We were at the press conference.

We marched onto Parliament on Mother's Day oh so many years ago in hopes of this very thing happening.  And it has finally come to be!  

I have a long post coming.  A coming out, post of sorts.  

It is long...

I am emotionally exhausted from what has been going on.  I took a leap of faith and agreed to be a part of the media team pushing for this coverage.  There may be interviews, there may not be.  But just saying yes...was such a big thing for me.  Exposing my vulnerability.  Sharing the one thing in my life that affected me so deeply...  To this day I can not speak of my diagnosis with out crying... And discussing it openly with the free world is a scary prospect for me.  But if we can help one couple, or just let them know they are not alone, then it was worth it.  

So please be kind world...  My children are a gift from God.  They were created with love.  They were loved before they were here.  They were hard fought for.  And I will never be embarrassed about what we went through to make them.  

I believe every couple should have a chance to become parents.  Whether it be artificial reproductive technology or adoption.  And I believe that there should be more support for families that are created in an these ways because of a medical condition.  Gay, straight, married, single, rich, or poor we just need a chance.  A chance to hope!

Much love!




S said...

IVF 4?! I'm interested to hear more!

Hope you are well.

Jos said...

Yay Ontario!! Good to hear from you again.

Michelle D said...

Wonderful news! I am in a mommy group (infertility ladies due the same month as our boy Nolan) and a woman in there is from Ontario as well and was posting about this. Congrats on being a voice too...what a blessing you will be.