August 9, 2015

2 & 4 Years Old

I can't believe that my girls are 2 and 4!?!?  The time is just flying by.  I thought it was time I should update on my girls and how they are doing.  First I'll start with the baby, Lucy.


Lucy is incredible!  For the first 14 months of her life, she was just a miserable baby.  I'm not going to sugar coat it.  Lucy was super challenging.  Poor thing.  She as obviously so uncomfortable with the acid reflux, and she had a horrible time teething.  This just made her a very miserable baby. There were days where I cried thinking I had made a horrible mistake, and that this child was just going to be miserable for the rest of her life...(my brother is a miserable man and was a miserable child)  I had no idea how to help her or to try to make her happy and comfortable.  It was SO challenging.  BUT... something changed, almost overnight, this personality just blossomed.  She became a lot more verbal and she developed this insanely cute sense of humour.  And lately the only time we see Lucifer is when she is overtired or cutting a molar.  

She really is quite a comedian.  She was a little slower with her vocabulary than Lola, but Lola was quite ahead verbally, so we were not concerned.  And now at the age of 2 we really had nothing to worry about.  This kid picks up songs on her own (with the right tune), uses words she shouldn't in the right context, and has mastered sarcasm already!  She likes to say "shocker" and "okay Captain Obvious" all at the right moments!  She also tells us a lot "I'm funny!"  And she's right!  She really is!  Her new favourite thing is "Mommy Look!" and then she does a leg out pose!  We hear it 1000 times a day..."Daddy Look, Mommy Look!"

Lucy is very much a girlie girl.  She likes to wear tutu's daily (skirts and dresses, or if we let her a real tutu).  She is insistent to wear panties...We've made half hearted attempts at potty training.  We've had zero success, but we've also only had 2 accidents (right beside the potty).  I plan on buckling down on it in the next 2 weeks.  Lucy is still in her crib as she is a wild sleeper.  She will be starting dance and gymnastics in 3 weeks.  She dances like a maniac already, her favourite songs though seem to be from hair nation!  Lol!  (where as Lola's fave song is Cheerleader!)

Lucy is a surprising wonderful funny smart little girl.  We feel so blessed to have this little trouble maker in our lives.  I know that the principal is going to have my number on speed dial when she enters school, but the great thing is I know she will not be a sheep, she will be the leader leading all the other kids into trouble!  And you know what?  I can't wait to see how she grows and develops!  She's very much a different child from Lola and oh boy I love her for it!  


Lola...My sweet angel!  She is the most compassionate little sweetheart!  Her kindness just melts my heart.  Don't misjudge her pretty little face and sweet demeanour though, there can be a little devilish attitude there as well.  We've had quite a bit of attitude coming from her lately.  We've hit the jealousy age.  It's especially bad since Lucy's personality is really showing.  We get caught saying how funny Lucy is, which in turn makes Lola jealous.  It's a challenge.  

Health wise Lola is doing very well.  She is in the 75% for height, and the 25% for weight.  Both of my girls are skinny little things.  And it is definitely not from lack of eating.  They just have so much energy and never stop moving.  Lola actually runs the block at least once a day.  She is in love with running.  I think it has to do with going to Mommy and Daddy's races.  She has a little six pack tummy and these little pipes for arms!  She too will be doing gymnastics again this fall.  And she will be dancing.  However, Lola was asked to join the competitive team for dance.  So she will be doing a lot longer classes of both, gymnastics and dance.  We've had a few months off from gymnastics, but I don't think she has forgotten anything as she likes to practice all the time.  

Lola will be starting all day junior kindergarten in September.  We are pretty excited about this.  Her social interaction has been limited to 2-3 children at one time.  And for most of the time 1 or 2 of those children were special needs.  So it'll be very interesting to see her in a social setting where her peers are all in the same age group.  I'm sure there will be some children there similar to one of the special needs children she socialized with, and I think this will help her flourish.  She really loves caring for those that are little or need a little help.  She really has this heart that is just incredible.  

I don't want to guess at what her life will bring, but I tell you this child has the heart of a nurse or teacher.  She is just so patient and empathetic.  She was amazing with her little friend who was very autistic (non verbal, twice her size, same age).  She made sure this little guy always got his father's day/ mother's day cards coloured right and completed, and she always had him smiling the whole time she helped him.

We just feel so blessed.  We really won the lottery with these two girls.  It's an amazing privilege getting to be their mom and watch them grow and flourish.  I think we are doing a pretty good job with them.  I hope we are setting the examples for them to be successful in life.  Oh god do I hope! You always fear if your doing the right by them.  And we try to hide our stress as much a possible from them...(as there seems to be a lot of stress right now).   For now I'm taking their happiness and good attitudes as though we are doing a good job!

Much Love!


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