July 29, 2015

Getting the DayCare Boot

Well after 4 years...my daycare provider is done!  She gave us notice on Monday that she will no longer watch the girls starting August 1st!  Nice notice right?!?!  

We knew they were trying to sell their house, but she has assured me for the last year that they were staying in the area.  And last week JD asked her point blank "Do we need to start looking into alternative care?  If you stay we will stay with you, but do we need to think about getting the girls on a waiting list?"  And she said "Oh No, we are staying here!"

There is only one good daycare centre in our little town.  Of course we are 15 minutes away from the bigger city, but that would be a headache, especially considering I will need after school care for Lola.  Well Monday she dropped the BOMB!  

Thankfully we were able to get Lucy in!  There is someone leaving this week, so Lucy just slid on in.  But it costs more money.  And Lola is in for after school care!  Yeah!!!  And the only reason we were able to get in was because in February when she pissed me off during my midterms I put the girls on the waiting list for part time!  Phew!  Small mercies!  And I think another thing that helped is that I have run a couple of times with the owner, in my running group!  

This is a blessing in disguise really!  Mirella was showing that her heart wasn't into it for quite awhile now, hence me leaving the girls on the wait list for part time.  They will now go full time starting Aug 17.  Lola will actually do a camp for a week, and then do dance camp for a week.  Then school starts.  

Just a little extra stress there for a couple of days.  And we know we can not rely on anyone other than ourselves so we really had to figure this all out.  

Yes I'm still dealing with smashingly awesome ribs.  I blew another one on Monday!  Yeah!  They just will not F'ING heal!  I'm taped up, and not running...making me kind of a miserable human being.  But I've decided to slap a smile on my face and fake it until I make it!

More later!
Much Love


S said...

Ugh, that really stinks. I'm sorry you're dealing with that child care situation, on top of your broken ribs still, too. But maybe the child care change will actually turn out to be for the best.

Take care.

Michelle D said...

:( What a stink. I'm glad they were on the list and hopefully it will be a smooth transition. I read the post about the ribs and running and such. You are super woman! I hope they heal and you can get back to your routine soon. Is Lola excited for school? Is she doing preschool? I can't remember age here but I know my girls start preschool this fall...so exciting for them and kind of a sad/happy little milestone. Anyway best wishes.

Jos said...

oh man, good childcare is SO tough to find, especially on short notice. I'm so glad you were able to figure something out so quickly!