October 8, 2015

Game Changer

With the news of the new IVF coverage here in Ontario, the impossible has now become the possible.  


JD and I had resigned ourselves to the fact that we were done having babies.  We both had always wanted 3 children.  And after having 2 girls...trying for a little boy would have been fabulous.  However the cost of doing a new DE IVF cycle was just not going to happen.  

With the change to OHIP, and them now covering 1 IVF cycle for anyone with a diagnosis of infertility.  We might actually be able to get 1 more cycle off the ground.  We would still have to find the money for the medications and to compensate the donor...Oh and we would have to find a donor...BUT the IVF cycle itself would be covered ($14,000).  So the cost just went to maybe $8,000.  Big difference!

Now mind you I am currently in school and set to graduate this year.  And I would like to get working and make some money again.  I haven't had a paycheque or my own money in over a decade!  I know crazy right...It just sort of happened.   JD used to give me a paycheque but then he stopped as he found a different way to claim to pay me that would cost us less in taxes (also meaning I made less on mat leave), then he just stopped paying me completely... So I miss feeling independent.  And I'm dying to not feel guilty about buying myself something.  

I predict that we will do nothing about getting a cycle going for at least a year.  But I think once I pass the probation on a job, I'll get the ball rolling again and get a referral back to a fertility clinic.  Start the search for a local donor...(argh!  a whole new DE post coming on this), contact a lawyer to draft the contracts, and get it all going....Maybe...


We will continue with what we were already planning.  We are going to get a home study done this year.  And get on the list for a domestic adoption.  If it looks like a placement isn't going to happen before I am 40, we will then look into foster to adopt a pre-teen.  

I guess I was wrong when I changed my description of this blog.  We are still trying to build our family.  It just goes to show you that you never know what is around each corner.  And my heart wants what my heart wants.  I have a lot of love to give.  And my girls make my world a much better place.  I want more children.

Lots of Love to you all my Blog Friends!
And if any of you are also Canadian ...  Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you are surrounded with those that lift you up and love you unconditionally.

All my best wishes!


Jos said...

That's so exciting for your family! I hope you guys can find a way to make it work!

Jamaine said...

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