February 16, 2014

My Love of Shoes turns to Baby Shoes!

I have a shoe obsession!  When I moved out of my parents house at 18 to go to college, I had 152 pairs of shoes!  I know!  Crazy!  And I bought every single pair with my own money.  My parents had said years ago when the obsession with shoes started "Get a part time job we are not buying your shoes or jeans anymore!"  And I did.  They didn't!  Lol!  I don't blame them. 

I still have a problem with shoes.  But it is better.  JD and I have an agreement.  When my shoe closets and totes are getting full, any new pair of shoes means that 2 others have to be donated or thrown away (depending on condition).  Yes I am a member of Just.Fab!  What a great site for a shoe crack addict like myself! 
My shoe choice has changed since having babies though.  I've down graded my quality.  No more Nine West boots at $200 a pop.  Now my shoes range from $24.99 to $49.95.  Okay every now and again an expensive pair will slip in there, but mostly I try to keep my shoe budget a lot lower than it used to be. 
But...now I buy shoes for my girls!  Lots of shoes!  Lola has a ridiculous number of shoes.  Lucy has none!!!  How is this possible you ask.  Well I have such fabulous shoes from Lola that I've never bought any for Lucy.  However, Lucy grew out of the newborn and 0-6 months shoes so fast, she never even got to wear them.  Plus I had these awesome Robeez from Lola that were 6-12 months and looked like Uggs.  BUT....I've lost them!  I have looked everywhere for them to no avail.  So Lucy has no shoes.  And refuses to keep socks on, making me look like a terrible mom taking her baby out all over town with nothing on her feet when it is -22! 
Well I found a woman in my small town through facebook that crochets shoes.  I custom ordered 2 pair last week, and they are ready already!  Look at these awesome shoes!

How great are these?  I am in love.  And since I HAD to go shopping today for Lucy clothes...I decided to buy clothes that will look fabulous with her new shoes!  Of course I saw some great Robeez at the store that I really wanted to buy.  But I've learnt my lesson on having too many pairs of shoes for babies this age.  Just wait 2 months and you'll need a new pair as they grow out of them so fast.  Lol!  I will take some pictures of her in her new outfits and new shoes.  A little Lucy fashion show maybe!?  :)
Much Love!
*My love affair with Nine West started when I was 17 and bought my first pair of ankle high leather boots in California!  I also fell in love with BeBe then!* 
** And I have sworn to myself I will never own another pair of Steve Madden's for the rest of my life!  His shoes are pure torture for your feet! **
Just my shoe review for you...
*** Oh and if you are ever looking for great boots that still look good in the winter (no salt stains, with no treatment for the leather) Always and I mean Always spend the money and buy Harley Davidson!  I've had mine for 5+ years and they still look brand new.  I wear them everyday (in blizzard conditions, through pregnancies etc...), and I just bought JD his first pair and he loves them too! ***

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