February 18, 2014

Ontario's Family Day - Interupted!

In the Great North we have a Holiday, it's called Family Day.  Everything is supposed to shut and you are to spend the day enjoying your family.  Of course our office doesn't shut though, we just run at statutory holiday hours.  10am to 4pm.  That is of course if you can make it in...which this Family Day JD could not!
Food Poisoning! 
No not from my cooking.  But from us cheating on our healthy lifestyle.  Mucho.Burrito.  JD was SO sick!  He lost 6.5 lbs in under 12 hours.  He started complaining about his stomach almost the second he finished eating.  "Ohhh my stomach hurts...I ate too fast...or something just wasn't right!"  And then at midnight I was awoken out of my slumber to him being violently ill in our ensuite.  I have never seen him so sick.  He yacked 2-3 times per hour, even with 2 gravol!  And what's worse he also 'went' 2-3 times every hour as well. 
I called in staff for him when he was still vomiting at 730.  I also made him shower and I stripped the bed.  I sent him to the couch with Gatorade.  I put on Frozen for Lola to watch and got busy cleaning our room out.  It smelled awful.  By noon I had him drink chicken broth and another Gatorade and sent him back to a clean bed to sleep.  He crashed for 4 1/2 hours.  When he got up I got him to eat a banana and he kept that down.  So I made him a steak for dinner.  And that really brought his color up and made his joints hurt less.  Poor Guy!

So this Family Day I spent it taking care of not 2 but 3 babies!  Wiping up more puke than imaginable!  Ahhh but at least we were all together.  Thank God though we all didn't get it.  Lola ate most of my dinner from MB, and thankfully I take most of my food as plain as can be.  Not JD though...well I think he might have just learned his lesson on sour creams!  Not a great lesson to learn!
Obviously we cheated this weekend.  And my weight loss shows it.  JD's doesn't!  Lol!  But I only lost .4lbs.  But I've been back to my good behaviour since.  So we will see what tomorrow brings.  I plan on doing a food only post this week.  JD has been laughing at me taking pictures of my meals.  But whatever.  Sometimes it helps to know what others are eating to try to shave off some pounds.  And trust me I love advice from fellow 'losers' and athletes.    Pre run or post run advice welcome please!  As my running is just about to get kicked up a big notch!

Must dash off, time to pick up Lucy's new boots!

Much Love! 

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S said...

Ugh, poor JD! And poor you for having to take care of him! Glad to hear that at least only one of you was sick, though; it must've been his food.

Saw the photos of the boots while reading on my iPhone over the weekend (impossible to comment from there). Adorable!