February 15, 2014

My Week in Review (Working it out)

Not my best week, but not my worst either.  A few too many cheats this week, so I had only .6 lbs. loss this week.  But my body fat went down a bit this week.  So not a total loss. 

Ran 2.99 km's
Aquafit with baby - 30 minutes

Ran 3.74 km's
Swam .45 km's (horrible)
Weight Class - 30 minutes (total gym work out)

Ran 4.64 km's

30 day shred video (30 minutes)

But I am happy with it as it is a start.  And it is really hard to get the workouts in when you only have a small window each morning for child care.  Lucy's nap schedule just doesn't work well with trying to run and get in a proper workout at the gym.  So this makes me even more thankful for what JD got us for Valentine's Day!  A TREADMILL!!!!  It should be here by the end of next week.  I'm so excited.  I can't run outside right now as we have about 4 feet of snow and the temps are brutal.  So my only option right now is treadmill running.  And even in the Spring/Summer when I run I have to run with the girls.  Which is great as it is an extra 65+ pounds in front of me.  Fabulous for training, but not fabulous for your everyday running.  I have a very good feeling that this treadmill is going to get some great use in the next 17 months....Oh yes...I haven't told you our goal yet...I'm afraid to say it in case I can't accomplish it...
Let's leave it like this....In the next 17 months I absolutely must focus on my running, biking, and I MUST concur my fear of the water and really work on my swimming. 
My plan right now is to give myself until the summer to shed the weight.  Do one month of cross fit to bulk up my muscle endurance and then focus all my energy on those 3 aspects of fitness.   I know cross fit is awesome and I should do more than one month of it, but hot dang it is expensive.  So 1 month and 4 sessions with their trainer is what I can afford.  And that's what I will do.  I plan on getting a swimming coach in November to really help me with my swimming. 
Last night I spent an hour on iTunes, buying and organizing my music.  My iTunes is so screwed up since getting a new computer and a new phone.  That deserves it's own post.  Let me just say this if you are an Iphone person do NOT and I repeat do NOT decide to buy and switch to an android.  You will regret it.  Trust me!  I digress...I spent an hour working on my Nano running playlist.  I think I've got a great mix rolling.  Right when I'm done warm up and the running starts, my song of choice is....  Survivor by Eminem.  I LOVE THAT SONG!  I know I probably don't come off as someone who would be into this type of music, but my love of music reaches to all genres!  For some reason Eminem has always been on my work out mix.  He pumps me up.  ** Warning Explicit Language**

I'll leave you with this for the weekend!  Next Life Style Change Post will be all about food!  I will share some of my favorite low cal high veg, lose weight over night, recipes!  Lol! 

Much Love!

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