February 13, 2014

I Love Lucy!

Of course I do!  Lol!  I don't think I've done a whole post just dedicated to Lucy in a little while!  I had intentions of doing a 6 month update on her but time slipped away, and well let's just face it January was a shit show!  So this is my 7 month update.  Some of the stats though are a month old.
Weight / Height
Miss Lucy weighed 14 lbs at her last weigh in and measured 31 inches.  She feels like such a chunker in comparison to Miss Lola.  But in reality she is also a petite girl.  However she is wearing 6-9 month clothing, and busting out of them within a week.  I'm fairly certain that we had a growth spurt in January as I just had to buy size 3 diapers.  And no joke all her shirts are 3/4 sleeve and all her pants are capris!  Lol!  I think I am actually going to have to break down and buy her, her very own clothes soon.   
We sleep trained her last week.  Oh my Gawd!  That was brutal!  But the month before was so atrocious we HAD to do it.  The first night we tried the cry it out method.  We would go in and rub her back (no picking up) and tell her she was fine and then leave.  She screamed for 1 hour and 10 minutes.  Until we finally gave in and gave her a bottle.  The next night I laid down the law.  No formula in between the hours of 12-6.  If she got up and refused to go back to sleep with her suk suk, then she could have a bottle of warm water.  She did, we did, she drank it and went back to sleep.  Okay...  Night 3...  Same drill...  Except she woke up at 4 screaming.  We did the same thing.  Gave her a bottle of warm water.  She had a sip, spat it out and went back to sleep.  Night 4...She slept until 6am!  Holy Crap!  Maybe it was a fluke.  Well we are on Night 9 now and she seems to be waking up at 5:55am.  Still too early but we are getting 11 hours out of her now, and that is fabulous!  We are still working on pushing both girls to sleep until 7, but I think that just might be a battle I am not going to win. 
It's really hard for me to judge if this is her normal intake or not this month.  We had such an 'awesome' January where she drank and ate next to nothing, that it really is hard to say if this is going to stick or not.  But right now at the moment she is eating like a champ.  Her very favorite thing is just plain pablum (disgusting).  But I can get her to eat prunes, pears, banana, apple, avocado, sweet potato, carrots, broccoli, veal and we are trying peas tomorrow.  She adores Gerber Puffs!  She loves to feed herself.  We let her feed herself those, yogurt melts, scrambled eggs, and ground beef.  And she loves that!
Lucy drinks 5-6 bottles a day.  2 of them are 2 oz and the others are 4 oz.  Neither one of my girls were big drinkers on the formula.  The loved the boobie juice, but not so much on the formula.  Lola loves her milk and I'm betting Lucy will too.  I can't wait to switch her to cow's milk.  I am changing her formula tomorrow to the level II stuff.  My fingers are crossed she will accept the change.
Oh Gawd!  I hate teething!  Lucy definitely shows almost all the symptoms of teething when it's happening.  Do you remember how blessed I was with Lola?  No signs of teething ever!  Just one morning she would smile and there would be 2-4 new teeth.  Ahhhhh that was bliss!  No, not Lucy!  She turns into this drooling, snotting, puking, irritable monster!  And then one tooth just barley cuts through!  And oh my gosh the snot, puking, and crankiness lasts like 2 weeks!?!?!  WTH!??  Geez can you tell we are teething again here?  Lol!  We had like a 2 weeks break where we got to sleep train her and then she's off kilter again!  Bloody tooth better break through soon!  All this to say yes she has 1 lonely little tooth.  Her bottom right.  Her smile has changed since she got her tooth.  It's not all tongue anymore.  She actually shows us her gums now!  So cute!
Yes we are moving!  Backwards only.  But we are on the move!  I knew it would be earlier with number 2, but I'm still surprised.  Today she mastered going from tummy to sitting up.  It's now the 3rd time I've caught her do it.  She was pretty proud of herself.  She is getting very frustrated by not being able to master this crawling thing.  She gets soooo mad!  She does downward dog pretty much all day.  It's really cute, she then falls down on her belly, gets mad and rolls onto her back and kicks her legs like she's a fish out of water!  Lol! 
Sibling Rivalry?
None!  Nada!  Zero!  Zilch!
Lola couldn't love Lucy more unless she birthed her herself!  Lol!  I can't believe the connection these two have.  You know they look like twins and they seem to have the bond of twins...It makes me kind of scratch my head a little as they were created on the same day and grew together for 5 days (fraternal twins?) just Lucy was frozen for 2 years!  We have started calling them twiblings!  And then again maybe it's just because they are both miracles, so they are just happy babies full of love!  Who knows?  But what a great day 10-10-10 was! 
Example of the Love...
Tonight when it was Lucy's bedtime.  I said to Lola, "kiss Lucy night night baby!"  Lola walks over to Lucy, hugs her, looks her straight in the eye and whispers to her "I love you very much Lucy, sleep great!"  And then gives her a big kiss!  So freaking sweet!
All in all.  Lucy is a great baby.  She giggles, she screeches, and she gives big wet open mouthed kisses...like "I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR FACE!!!!  NOM!  NOM!"  And I love it!!! 
I love every single frustrating moment of being a mother of two.  There is nothing I would change.  Well maybe a few things...like a bigger house...but in the scheme of things nothing else matters as long as my girls are happy and healthy, then all is golden in my world! 
Here is some recent picture of Lucy and one of Lola at the same age!  I hope you enjoy them! 

Sisters?  Um Yeah I think so!  Lol!
Much Love!

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