July 11, 2013

Photo Post

Okay Blogger friends are you ready to be bombarded with pictures...?  Just to warn you there is 2 belly bump pictures enclosed.  I wanted to show you how large I really got!  Lol!

We were leaving for the hospital and Lola was rubbing my belly so we thought okay lets get a kissing shot!  For the last 3 weeks of pregnancy Lola was so loving to my belly.  Constantly patting at it and coo'ing at the baby sister that was coming.  Unfortunately she is still tapping my belly and saying tummy...Lol...So I guess if I want that to stop I have to get rid of the baby hump!  Lol!

It was so different getting to do skin to skin right after delivery.  Last time I didn't really get to meet Lola until 24 hours old.  This time I was able to breast feed while my Dr delivered the placenta.  What a huge difference this made to me.  We bonded and connected right away.  I will say though it all felt a little out of body though as it all happened so very fast, and my epidural was so high.  I kid you not I texted a friend at 3:12 and had Lucy at 3:20.  No one believed me when I kept saying I'm feeling a lot of contractions.  No pain but the tightening and I felt like throwing up with each one.  Apparently I'm really good with labor and delivery.  It doesn't hurt that I tend to have tiny little babies!  Lol!

Lola loves to hold her sister.  Well she did the first 3 days at least.  You can see how tired she is in this picture.  Spending 2 days with her 6 year old twin cousins will wear anyone out.  The first time Lola held Lucy at the hospital (Lucy was 3 hours old), Nana asked if she could hold her sister and Lola adamantly put her arm around Lucy tighter and said "NO!"  So I guess there is no question that Lola will be Lucy's protector.

Sleeping peacefully after some mommy milk.  It's funny from some angles the girls look exactly the same, and then others they look nothing alike.  It's really hard to tell considering Lucy is a pound and a half bigger than LolaBean was.  Plus she's 2 inches taller.  I really hope LolaBean sees the benefits of being a petite girl, because I think her sister is going to have her beat in the height department.

I don't know if I told you all her full name...But her full name is Lucy Jordan.  She is named after her Daddy. Since this is our last baby and JD will never have a son, I though he should still have a name sake.  I actually wanted her first name to be Jordan, but JD didn't want that.  And we were not set on Lucy at all.  We went into the delivery room with Peyton, Avery, and Lucy...  And after she was born I looked at my husband and I said you name her.  I couldn't decide.  And I was adamant about LolaBean so I though he should get the honors with Cupcake.  My mom still calls her snowflake.  And my FIL truly believes our 2 girls are complete miracles sent directly from God.  (I tend to agree)  I mean look at what we went through...  2 failed DE cycles, success on the 3rd attempt with twins, only to lose one to a SCH, and then HELLP syndrome with IUGR for LolaBean, 1 embryo left (frozen in time for 2 years) with less than 20% chance of success, and yet we did it!  With a perfectly healthy pregnancy and delivery.  I would definitely say that these two are miracles.  

And I hope by reading our story we give those others who have failed some hope.  Hope is a really hard thing to keep through out the IF battle....  I'll save my thoughts on hope for another blog post.  I'm off to get my toddler up from her nap.  Life is busy here, but I promise I'll be getting online more often now that we are finally finding our groove!

Much Love!



S said...

So great to hear that things went smoothly. I love the photo of the two girls together especially. Thank you for sharing pictures!

Congratulations on Lucy's arrival! :-)

Michelle D said...

Beautiful pictures! I love that Lola is already so in love with her sister. Definitely both miracles coming to the best of parents. Congrats on both cuties :)