July 17, 2013

Lucy's Birth Story - Part 1

So as you all know I was scheduled for an induction.  Just to remind you, we were doing this because of all the problems I had with LolaBean's pregnancy and the fact that I still had borderline PAPP-A levels in this pregnancy as well.  So at 38 weeks my Dr decided it was pretty safe to induce labor.  And let me tell you, I was ready as well.  I was getting so uncomfortable.  It was really tough to breath, bending over was impossible, I was just generally at that stage where you are grumpy all the time...  And of course the week after I delivered we had a huge heat wave that is still raging!  So anyway onto the birth story...

We were supposed to be at the hospital at 8 am.  Well being we had a toddler to get ready and drop off and a pregnant nervous grumpy momma we were a little late...like 9am.  Lol!  We registered and got ourselves situated in the room.  The nurse came in and checked me (still 2 cm ) and got my IV going.  We discussed the epidural.  I was advised that the anesthesiologist was going to be very busy that day and that if I wanted an epidural I had better get it sooner rather than later.  I said yes please we can start it whenever the Dr is ready.  As I said previously I am not adverse to pain management.  I've felt what labor is like and I tend to have back labor so I would definitely be wanting the epidural.  Also I still worry about emergency c-sections so I'd rather already be drugged just in case so I don't have to be knocked out.  She said okay no problem.  She advised me my Dr would be in to see me shortly.  

Dr. S came in at around 1030 and we chatted for a bit.  He checked me as well.  Advised me I was having contractions but they were irregular and not very strong.  (I knew that)  He had to rush off to check on another patient but told me next time he would be back to break my water.  He returned at about 11 am.  As he was prepping to break my water I sort of prayed out loud..."God let it be clear!"  He paused and looked at me quizzically?  He said how do you know about that?  I said "Oh Dr S I know way too much information...I really don't want her to have already pooped!"  He assured me everything would be fine she was coming early enough...  He said okay it's probably not going to be a lot of fluid, you are not that big...  Lol!  And pop my waters were broke....And they were NOT clear.  Lucy had already pooped inside.  Dr.S and Amy our great nurse sat there and monitored the waters...It was about 10 minutes of leaking gushing fluid....Amy looked up and said that doesn't look like a little to me....She's in a pool!  I laughed I said no it didn't feel like a little amount of fluid to me...  

And just like last time once my water was broken the contractions started and kicked up in intensity.  My mom got there at about 12 and was on fire.  She walked in the room and said "Okay let's get this show on the road!"  Like I had any control over how fast this labor was going to be.  Actually her and JD were pretty annoying during my labor and regularly I would've been snippy with them, but I was so focused on breathing through and just getting through the pain to the next contraction that I tuned them out and laughed when I could.  

At 1:00 the anesthesiologist came in and administered my epidural.  At this time they were also hanging the bag of pitocin.  We had a little bit of trouble with my epidural....But I'll have to get into that in part 2 as this is getting long and I have to get the girls ready for the their photo shoot this morning. 

More to come tomorrow!

Much Love!

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