July 23, 2013

Lucy's Birth Story - Part 2

Okay so it is 1:00 and I am getting my epidural.  It was much easier this time as I wasn't swollen at all.  However the anesthesiologist had a complication she never has.  I had some spinal fluid ooze out of the injection site.  Which at the time I just shrugged my shoulders at.  Everything felt great.  I felt no pain what so ever.  The pitocin was turned on and we were getting things moving.  

By 2:00 I was starting to fell the contractions again.  I wasn't feeling pain necessarily, but I was feeling the tightening, and I was starting to get nauseas.  I sent JD to get me a ginger ale with ice and I asked my mom to check the monitors.  She looked at them and at the print out and says "honey you aren't having any contractions...?  What the heck are you complaining about...?"  At this point I was a little cranky and I said well then it is broken.  I wiggled it around a little and caught one on the monitor so I left it there.  My nurse came back in and said okay I'm going to crank the pitocin to full dose as it doesn't seem as though we are making a lot of progress.  Lol!  If only she knew!!!!  And she then passed my care off to another nurse as she went and had her lunch.

By 2:50 my mom and JD were getting a little stir crazy.  And I wasn't talking too much as I was getting the tightening nauseous feeling every 2 minutes or so.  My mom then convinced JD that they should go down to Timmie's for a coffee.  The nurse came back at this time and said "Oh yah you guys go...I'll cath her and top up her epidural, and check her."  We'll have a better idea of what is happening by the time you all come back...  Famous last words!  Lol!

My nurse at this point decided she would top up my epidural prior to cath'ing me.  So off I went to lala land again (I swear it felt like I drank a 12 pack to myself!), sh cath'ed me and then proceeded to check me.  As she is sitting beside me with her hands gosh knows where...She looks at me and grumbles "Holy Shit!"..."Guess how many...?"  I'm like "Oh god just tell me it's more than 3!"  She's like "honey you need to push like right now!  It's go time!"  She asked me to give her one push to see how good I was at this.  So I beared down and gave one push...she immediately said okay stop, stop, STOP!!!  We need to get the Dr in here and special care nursery....  And immediately she got on the phone and had everyone paged.  At this point I asked her to grab me my phone as I needed to get JD and my mom back to the room.  It was 3:05...

I texted JD.  I guess he was in the elevator when I texted him.  He and my mom were walking back into the maternity ward and they saw everyone gowned up and heading towards my room.  JD raced up to the Dr and was all "Hey what's happening?"  Dr.S laughed and said "Buddy you need to get in there!"  JD walked into the room ghost white with this funny smile on his face, coffee in hand with my mom running behind him!  It was quite the scene.  Upon seeing JD I immediately started crying.  I was so scared all of a sudden.  What if something was wrong from her pooping inside.  What if, what if, what if....And knowing it was the last time I was doing this just added extra emotion onto it.  My nurse was great, she calmed me down and JD hugged and kissed me and told me I could do this.  And that he loved me.

Last time in delivery my mom was able to hold one leg, but Dr.S likes to deliver sitting beside you holding your leg.  He even kept the bed in place (no dropping the bottom out).  So my mom was banished to a chair front in center...I yelled at her that there were to be no pictures of my HooHaa!  It broke the tension in the room.  Dr.S had the Special Care Dr's in the room for the delivery so they could suck out her lungs.  He advised me I had to pay attention to him, that we were going to get our baby girl out as safely as possible.  He told me when the contraction was coming and said I want you to push now for 10...I pushed...He said Oh my...okay 1 more...I pushed....He said stop at count 3...  He said okay ks I need you to do a small 50% push for just a 2 count....I did this 2 times, and her head was delivered.  The special care team came over and suctioned her lungs out...before she was even fully born.  Then Dr.S said okay 1 more little push and she's here.  And she was....screaming her way into the world!  She was PERFECT!!!!

I started pushing at 3:12 and Lucy entered the world at 3:20.  5 pushes and she was here!  JD and I were in a state of shock for the rest of the night.  It all happened so fast and so smoothly.  This time I was able to deliver the placenta, so I avoided the OR completely.  And for those wondering, no stitching was required.  I may not be very good at making babies, but man I can birth them!  Either that or I'm just blessed with small headed babies!  Lol!

Now I leave you with a teaser picture of Lucy's newborn photo shoot!

Much Love!

ks and the girls!


Michelle D said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations! Glad it went smoother this time :)

J o s e y said...

Haha - I can't believe they didn't check you before topping you off!

Gorgeous pic of her. :)