April 18, 2013

Hello 3rd Trimester! (Belly Pic)

This post will be pregnancy related so if you are not in a place as to read this...please feel free to skip it.  

I can't believe I'm this far along.  And I'm still almost fully functional!  Lol!  I say almost as I'm finding I can still do stuff, just a little slower, and then I tend to suffer for a day or two.  My long 11 hour days of work are almost over though.  My long day this week was Tuesday and I was on my feet for 10 of the 11 hours.  I was exhausted.  And my feet hurt so bad I almost cried.  So I cut out early yesterday and went for a pedicure.  Oh my was that heaven!  I will admit this week I have done too much.  I have painted Lola's wainscoting (2 coats on 9 panels), I have put the first coat on her bedroom (JD did the trim, I rolled), and I've worked.  So a little too much with taking care of a toddler and doing all the other wifey duties that call my name.  

I haven't weighed myself in the last 3 days but I was up a pound last week.  Making it a total of 21 lbs gained so far.  Yikes!  I was hoping to stay under 25 lbs, but whatever...  It's just a number.  I am officially exclusively wearing maternity clothes.  Even my shirts will not cover this belly anymore.  They are just too short.  One thing that kind of sucks though is I can not fit into any of my old maternity clothes as they are all huge on me.  But I'm really trying to minimize my purchases (JD would disagree) as this will definitely be my last pregnancy.  My belly button is officially out.  And out to the point where you can see it through my clothes.  I kind of hate that.  

The headaches...They seem to have tapered off.  Thank gosh!  The swelling is starting but it's not extreme and it always goes down after I sit and re-hydrate.  Hmmm...what else...Oh yah stretch marks.  Well I have no new ones.  And none on my belly.  They are the ones I got AFTER delivery with Lola on my upper thighs.  They are visible again.  I'm lotioning the daylights out of them and it does seem to be helping.  Only time will tell.

Well that's about all the pregnancy update for now.  I don't have another ob appointment until May 1.  And I have no idea about my next u/s.  Oh right the belly picture...Lol!  Here you go!  :)

Much Love!



J o s e y said...

Don't forget that if you start at a lower weight, you'll probably gain a little more weight during pregnancy. I think you look totally awesome! I can't believe you're in the 3rd tri already.

Augusta said...

so glad everything is going well. And T3 already!!
You look great!