April 23, 2013

Uh Oh! Not Feeling So Good!

I hope I'm just being a worrier...  But...  I started retaining fluid on Thursday.  It was a really bad day.  I don't want to call it Braxton Hicks as it wasn't necessarily contractions but one that just didn't stop!  My back was killing me, my abdomen was super tight, and Miss AJ (Frostie) was moving all day...and I mean all day!  I had to take my rings off as my hands and feet were so swollen.  And that night I wrapped my feet in ice packs as they were so sore and uncomfortable.  

I weighed myself the next morning and I was up 5lbs.  I still didn't feel great on Friday, but I drank a ton of water and made sure I had asparagus for dinner, and by Saturday I was back down 3 lbs.  But...I had a massive headache.  I felt a little better on Sunday, and by Monday I felt good again, just tired.  But now today...I'm bloated again and I've got a raging headache.  

I remember all too well how everything went pear shaped on me with Lola.  Mind you it all started at 22 weeks and progressively got worse.  And the bonus is right now the swelling seems to disperse.  With Lola the swelling stayed and just got worse and worse.  I'm hoping that it is just I've over indulged in foods too high in sodium and not the start of the dreaded pre-e.  I really don't want to be on mag sulfate again.  And I was really hoping to avoid the awfulness that was my third trimester with Lola.  

So I'm drinking my water.  And trying to eat as many super veggies as I can to flush my system.  I had my prunes this morning.  As the going to the loo is still an awful issue for me.  (TMI ALERT) 3 days people!  It's been 3 days since I've last gone.  This is the one issue throughout pregnancy that drives me insane.  I already have a rocky digestive system and pregnancy just exasperates it.  Argh!  So I eat prunes, drink Metamucil, and drink as much water as I can and still I only average 2x a week.  Awesome!  

If anyone has any other tips as to how I can try to keep my blood pressure down and the swelling at bay, I am your appreciative listener.  

More to come!

Much Love!


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