February 22, 2013

My Baby is becoming a Toddler

This week I have ordered Lola's new bed and bedding.  It is all toddler sized.  Her crib is a transition crib but it is going to be occupied by Miss Frosty.  We looked and looked for a good fit for her.  We took her to a big box store and tried out the twin and single beds and they just were not going to work for Miss Lola.  So we broke down and listened to no one (ha ha) and bought her a toddler bed.  It is really cute.  It is a white sleigh bed.  And I plan on her dressers being the antiqued white, so I think it will look really good.  I have been collecting wall art and picture frames that I like for her room for quite awhile.  Just whenever I saw something at a good price or that I really liked.  So now it's just a matter of putting it all together.  

Her bed is actually in, so we are going to pick it up this weekend.  We won't be putting it together until we have painted the room and we have a lot of work to do to get to that stage.  I did however order her bedding today as well.  After searching and searching I found something I liked.  It wasn't exactly what I had originally wanted but it is nice.  

I didn't order the valance.  But I did order 2 panels of the long curtains in the same polka dots.  I think we are going to do the wall coverings as shown with the white wood work, but I think we are going to paint the top a light pink.  I think the dark brown will make it too dark.  And we have 4 windows in her new room to cover so I was planning on doing dark brown panels on the outside window treatments.  I will definitely post pictures as we go.  

This weekend I am planning on starting the cleaning out process of her new room.  It is currently our guest room and my over flow closet.  I have clothes in there that range from size 6 - 14.  It is time to give some stuff away, sell some stuff and throw some out.  Once I'm done organizing and cleaning everything out, we then need to work on the basement to get it ready to receive the 5 piece furniture set that is currently in our guest room.  Then we can actually start decorating her room and Miss Frosty's!  So lots to do and less than 20 weeks to get it accomplished!

It still makes me teary just thinking about how much Lola has grown up already.  I can't believe we are already at the stage of weaning her into a toddler bed!  It's just all too fast!  I promise I'll post progress pictures of the two rooms as we go!  I'm off now to get some work done!

Much Love!



Michelle D said...

Love the bed and bedding. We also got toddler beds. I'm sure twin size bed make some sense but isn't the point to stop them from falling out of tall beds/cribs?? hehe. Anyway I hope Lola will love it...I know our girls love the indepedence of it. Can't wait to see or hear how both rooms turn out :)

LisainSK said...

OHHH!! That is so awesome! Its sooo sooo adorable KS...glad to hear from you. I know I need to blog soon. This new house move I think nearly killed me and life is starting to resemble normalcy again. Take care.