February 20, 2013

Success' Abound!

There have been some fantastic happenings in our blog community lately.  Two bloggers that I have followed for a long time, have very unexpectedly become moms recently.  Both through the miracle that is adoption.  I don't comment a whole lot on the blogs I read as I mostly read on my phone, but I'm always reading and cheering people on.  I had to post about these two stories because they just got me so darn excited.  

Patience and her husband from Searching for the Missing Piece was just surprised by a birth mother who dropped off her baby at a hospital with specific instructions that she wanted them to be the adoptive parents.  Of course there was a ton of red tape to go through until the birth mother's wishes could be fulfilled but none the less, they now have their son home with them.  And if all keeps going as it should they should be expecting their daughter's arrival soon as well.  They were right smack in the middle of an adoption with a birth mother who I believe is due in May (I think).  I pray that this adoption still goes through as well.  Patience and her husband have been through so much, and have prayed so hard for this baby girl that is on her way.  I really and truly hope the birth mother continues with her plan of placing her miracle girl with them.

And the second amazing story is SIF from Single Infertile Female.  She was at a work function when one of her coworker (of sorts) took a phone call and after hanging up exasperated asked the group if anyone knew anybody who is looking to adopt?  What are the chances?  And amazingly enough the birth mother and SIF hit it off and everything is a go.  From beginning of adoption call to delivery it might be a week (maybe).  The birth mother has been having irregular contractions for the past 3 days now!  And they only just met 3-4 days ago!  It's just beautiful!

I'm just so happy for our fellow IF'rs that get their happy endings, whichever way they come to us.  And seeing these two families finally achieve this is wonderful.  I wish all of us would find our happy endings. Why I felt a need to post these two stories is because both are so different and yet so similar.  Both had at one point or another lost hope.  Both were still trying to achieve their dreams yes, but they had both changed what they were envisioning.  One was directing their attention to fostering to adopt and older child and the other was resigned to have one child maybe...  And life just threw them a curve ball.  Sometimes the surprises and the bends in the road do in fact lead us to great things.

Tonight I will continue to pray for all of my fellow IF'rs.  And tonight as every night I will be grateful for everything I have and cherish every moment.

Much Love!

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Anonymous said...

i know... i have been following along with these two as well... i cycled with one of them 3 years ago and have been following her since trying to see her finally bring a baby home to call her 'mama'...
i am so exited for them both!

fwiw, in the case of patience, i believe the baby that has not been born yet is actually a boy?
i really hope things are going well for all of them! thanks for charing about it here- i am sure they both could use all the support and love the can get!