February 26, 2013

21 Weeks (almost)

And things are good...well...they are okay.  Things seem to be fine with Miss Frosty.  I won't know for sure though until the next u/s on the 11th.  But last night I had a little incident.  Well not really an incident.  But...  I almost passed out.  I don't know why.  I was sitting on the couch for a total of 3 minutes, while JD gave Lola her night bottle, she wanted me to carry her to bed so I got up and picked her up and was immediately overcome with the cold sweats.  I got a little light headed and was breathing deeply and slowly.  I was trying to control my breathing as I felt like I had just run a race.  My heart was pounding, and the cold sweats weren't leaving.  I carried her up to bed and kissed and hugged her, but I had to ask JD to put her into the crib as I was afraid if I bent over at all I would for surely pass out.  I made it out of her room and then finally grabbed the wall and steadied myself.  That is when JD noticed something was amiss.  I firmly told him I was fine, just a little light headed.  He of course got mad at me and said I had done too much that day and not eaten enough, so he accompanied me downstairs, made me sit on the couch with my feet up and grabbed me 2 pieces of bacon I had baked.  I felt like a 5 year old.  He scolded me and told me to sit there and do nothing.  Which I did and I slowly started to feel better.  I still felt 'off' most of the night but I think it was mostly because I was over tired.  

I think it was my blood pressure.  I think my bp dropped on me.  I don't know why that would happen.  I normally do have very low blood pressure.  That's why it was so strange when I was pregnant with Lola watching it climb.  I've never before in my life had blood pressure issues.  But this morning I am a bit swollen in my hands.  I'm trying not to think too much into any of this.  I'm telling myself I'm dehydrated and the bacon was salty, so it's all normal.  But it's hard knowing how slowly the progression was last time, and now starting to see little things pop again...Argh!

But whatever...I'm not going to worry.  Worry gets you no where.  It just makes everything worse.  I have tomorrow off from work (thank you JD), and we are expected to get a doozy of a snowstorm!  So I am planning a pajama day for Lola and I.  I'm hoping that she will want to hang out upstairs most of the day so that I can get a ton of organizing started on the guest room.  I really want to get started on her room.

That's my update for this week pregnancy wise.  For those that are wondering about weight gain and maternity clothes.   Yes and yes!  Lol!  I'm up 10 lbs. and yes I am wearing maternity clothes now.  Picture post to come!

Much Love!

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Anonymous said...

Ten pounds?!!! Wow!!! Love hearing from you...