March 7, 2013

20 Questions - And a Bump Picture

I've decided to participate in Pail's 20 Questions.  So here we go friends!

1.  What was the last thing you threw in the garbage / recycling?  An egg shell from making Lola's breakfast.

2.  What's the #1 most played song on your Ipod?  If I Die Young - The Band Perry

3.  What is your favorite quote?  You can't fail if you never quit trying.

4.  What chore do you absolutely hate doing?  Cleaning the bathroom shower.  I hate it because I always get soaked doing it.

5.  What is your favorite form of exercise?  Running.  I have fallen in love with running.  I miss it terribly.  (Dr's orders no running while I'm pregnant)  So right now since it's the only thing I can do Pre-Natal Yoga.

6.  What is your favorite time of day/day of week/ month of the year?  My favorite time of day is the morning when Lola gets up.  She is so sweet in the morning.  All cuddly and wanting her Mommy.  My favorite day of the week is Wednesday (it's my day off).  My favorite month would have to be July.  I love summer.  I love cutting the grass, tending to my roses, and running in the sun!  Plus I love hot lazy nights on my back patio drinking a Coors with my Hubby and Lola playing with the doggies!

7.  What is on your bedside table?  A bottle of Levothyroxine, a tub of foot cream, and a lamp.  (Boring, but you didn't ask what inside my night that would have been interesting!  Lol!)

8.  What is your favorite body part?  Hmmm!  That's a tough one for me.  But I would have to say my shoulders.  When I'm running and working out my shoulders get very defined very fast.  And I love having the strength in my upper body to do things most 5'2 woman could not.  

9.  Would you use the power of invisibility for good or evil?  Elaborate.  Well...  I have to say I don't really think I would want to be invisible.  I tried to be invisible in high school and all through out our IF battles, and I don't think it helped me any.  There are still times when I would like to be (social settings) because I am uncomfortable, but I need to reach out and get back to living my life.  

10.  If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would that be?  35 for sure.  I am turning 35 in 2 months.  And I'm loving my 30's.  I know who I am and what I want and when I'm not pregnant I have all the energy in the world.  Everyone around me can keep aging, but I would love to stay frozen in time right now... Freeze frame my face, and my insides!  No more aging for me!  Lol!

11.  What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?  First thing would be to contact our head office and tell them to take our business' and shove em where the sun don't shine!  Aww the freedom!!!!  Then I would pay off all our debts and list our house to be sold!  Excuse me now while I go off to dream land!  Lol!

12.  What is your biggest pet peeve?  People jingling change in their pockets and whistling.  For some reason those two things annoy me to no end.  Of course there are others...  The sound of toe nails being clipped and someone smacking their gum (like a cow).  Of course JD does all of these things, but I still love him!  

13.  If you could know the answer to any question, what would it be?  Will JD and I raise our daughters right?  Are we on the right path to raise well balanced, caring, smart little girls who respect themselves and others, and will grow up happy.

14.  At what age did you become an adult?  I'd have to say 33.  We took on adult lives from the age of 23 on, but I didn't feel like an adult until I had my daughter.  That is some heavy responsibility and you really have to grow up then!

15.  Recommend a book, movie or television show in 3 sentences or less.  The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldan.   The love the two main characters have is a love you wish for and want to never end.  When I finished the last book, I sat and cried then sighed because Jamie and Claire wouldn't be a part of my everyday life anymore!

16.  What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?  What I got caught doing you mean...Lol!  I stayed out late drinking with an older crowd on a school night.  Let's just say after that I got a bit smarter about my activities and got caught a lot less!

17.  What was the first album you bought with your own money?  Madonna - Like a prayer

18.  If someone wrote a book about you, what would be the title?  Hmmm...  

19.  What story do you wish your family would stop telling about you?  None.  To be honest my family rarely has stories about me.  I was very overshadowed by my brothers.  And like I said I tried to be invisible.  Plus my middle brother was such a terror there are thousands of stories about him that are hilarious so..I usually push for one of those to be told.

20.  True or false:  The unicorn is the greatest mythical creature.  State your case.  I'm going to have to say true.  Because I just looked at a list of other mythical creatures and man they are scary!!!  Lol!  I'd say the unicorn is the prettiest for sure!  And I tend to think of them as I do dolphins, peaceful, caring and healing.  So I'll say true...  But I will say Medusa was pretty cool too...  A woman with serpent hair that can turn me to stone with one glare!  Too cool!!!  

There you have it folks.  Click over to Pail and check out the other entries.  

Much Love!


J o s e y said...

Ooooh - look at your adorable belly pic! I can't believe Lola is getting so old as well.

Like a Prayer... love it. :)

Anonymous said...

You look sooooo good!!! Lola...such a darlin'!

SRB said...

Love you lottery answer! If I was still working I would also quit in SPECTACULAR fashion as well. A company-wide email would be involved. :)