December 20, 2012

The Happenings..!

Have a disappeared into the great Abyss?  No.  Have I been knocked down by some great plague?  No.  Have I just been too lazy to get out my laptop and type...kind of!  Lol!  Actually even that's not true.  I have written 3 separate drafts that all are sitting unpublished in my ques.  Every time I get close to finishing one, I get sidetracked at the office and can never get it totally finished and ready for publication.  Oh well!  

So onto what's been happening in my neck of the world!

LolaBean in fact did end up with Croup.  Thus locking her and I in the house for 9 days straight.  We unfortunately missed 2 Christmas parties during this lock down.  But thankfully she is much better now.  She refused to eat for about 5 days of the croup.  Only having bottles and yogurt.  My poor little thing.  Her voice was so raspy.  All she wanted to do was watch her shows and snuggle with Mommy on the couch.  I kept her home until Tuesday of this week.  Just to make 100% sure that we were over the contagious stage of this bug.  

She had her 18 month well child check up yesterday.  She passed everything with flying colors.  She weighs 23 lbs and is 30 1/2 inches long.  She's hit all her milestones development wise.  So the Dr is quite happy with her.  As are we.  We are continually surprised by her developing vocabulary.  We say things to her once or twice and she's got it.  We taught her 'knuckles' the other day, not expecting her pick up on the word just the action...  (pound..y'know?  knuckles!)  And sure enough every time we present her with our fist she says 'knuckles' in this sweet little voice.  We work on all our family members names daily and she is getting them and starting to understand who is who.  We also have worked on the dogs as we discovered she was calling 2 of the dogs the same name.  Lol!  She was having a hard time saying Lexxie!  So she was calling her Maddie as well.  Well that one took us a week and sure enough 2 days ago she started saying Exxie.  No L but it's pretty close!  She seems to have trouble with words that start with L.  We can very rarely get her to say her own name.  And when she does she drops her voice down an octave! Lol!  Gosh she makes me laugh!

Onto the BumpDate...

I had my first OB appointment yesterday as well.  Is was nothing special.  Pretty much a meet and great.  I'm using the same OB I had with Lola.  Of course I had no paperwork for him as my local clinic here has down the poop hole since my Dr left.  So I have to redo all my blood work and such.  No ultra sound yesterday or doppler.  My Dr doesn't like to try the doppler until about 14 weeks, and most Canadian Dr's do not have u/s machines at their ready in their offices.  So I'm still waiting for confirmation that everything is okay in there.  I have my NT scan booked for next Thursday as I will be 12 weeks on Friday the 28th.  So I have to just have faith until then.  I think I have a noticeable bump already.  But most people would just think I've been cheating on my diet and not working out.  

Speaking of working out.  My Dr would like me not to run until after my 12 week scan.  He wants to make sure that the placenta is in a good position.  But he's not a huge advocate of working out when pregnant anyway, so I do not really plan on taking all of his advice to heart.  I know way too many moms who have been able to work out in almost the same fashion that they did prior to pregnancy with some modification.  And I plan on doing the same.  I won't be running 5 miles, but maybe 3 with more walking breaks, and lower weights, and more swimming.  So training is out until after Frostie comes!  LOL!  I have one girlfriend who did crossfit training all the way through her pregnancy, but she didn't have to pay $ to get pregnant so a little different attitude I think!  

There's lots more going on right now, but this is getting a little long.  More posts in the works!  

Much Love!



J o s e y said...

I definitely think working out and staying healthy during pregnancy is a HUGE benefit to you for labor and delivery and for recovery. Good for you for sticking with it. I felt awesome and in shape the whole time I was pregnant.

I also had a friend who did CrossFit her entire pregnancy, but it was also an oops baby. Definitely a different attitude about things.

Michelle D said...

Lola sounds absolutely adorable! Love the little tid bits about her development and daily life. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a relaxing NT scan :)