December 26, 2012

A Merry Christmas Indeed!

I hope all my blogger friends had a very Merry Christmas!  I know one in particular was hit with a nasty bug ripping through their house and unfortunately had to put their Christmas on hold for now.  Poor LN10 and family!  We are thinking of you and hoping you all feel better soon!

Our Christmas was really good.  LolaBean is still a bit too little to really get the whole Christmas Santa thing but she was pretty funny just the same.  Every present we opened she exclaimed "WoW" or "Niiiice"!  Lol!  She was  is officially a spoiled little girl!  JD and I actually didn't buy her that much, but her Grandparents and Uncles and Aunts spoiled her rotten.  

One of the funniest thing about Christmas morning is how much our dogs get into it.  Tonka loves to rip open presents.  Whether they are for him or not it makes no difference.  And once he gets going he gets his daughter into it.  At one point he and Lexxie were having a tug of war over a squeaking cow with Lola in the middle wagging her finger at them saying "No, no, no!"  Too funny!  Maddie our old dog doesn't get as into it, other than she knows when there are presents she gets scrambled eggs for breakfast.  So she sits patiently and waits until I start cooking then yells at me the entire time until her bowl is put down.  Yes our house is a zoo!

My family is all spread out so there were phone calls and skype sessions.  We spent the morning here, doing our own thing and in the afternoon we headed to my in laws to do Christmas with them.  Lola was not in her finest in the afternoon.  She hadn't pooped all day and she seemed to be especially tired.  But once she opened her present from Nana and Ahah she entertained herself for over an hour.  They bought her this awesome kitchen.  They got it from a store that was closing so it's a really nice expensive one that she never would have gotten had it not been almost 80% off!  Actually that is why I am able to blog right now!  LOL!  

We are not hitting any Boxing Day sales today.  JD has to work.  And I feel we've spent enough money, and in all honesty we don't need anything.  Plus I'm a little anxious.  Tomorrow is our 12 week NT scan.  I'm praying I have a healthy, live baby in there still or else I have no excuse for having this belly that I already have.  Uh Oh!  Someone made a stinky!  Time to go!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I wish for all of you a healthy and Happy year to come.  May 2013 be good to you!

Much Love!


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