November 29, 2012

All About Lola Post!

Oh my she is just too funny!  I think this might just be my favorite age.  We have quite the little talker on our hands.  She parrots almost everything we say.  So JD and I are really having to watch our P's and Q's lately. I have no idea how many words she actually has as I haven't sat there and counted.  But she sure does pick things up pretty quick.  She now knows who Santa is!  And she says his name a whole lot!  Lol!  We are having trouble with L's though.  She won't even attempt a word with an L in it?  She used to say Lalalala as a baby but now never!  We've been working on it.  

Her understanding of her surroundings is amazing too!  I ask her where Mommy's belly is.  And she proceeds to pull up my shirt and tap my belly!  I tell her it's bath time and she runs to the stairs and heads to her bathroom.  If I tell her Mommy has to go potty, she goes to the gate and tries to open it for me so I can go to the powder room!  Lol!  Yes I tell my child Mommy is going pee pee in the potty!  I'm planning on attempting potty training over the holidays (as I'll be home with her from the 24th to the 2nd).  I ask Lola if she wants a Reece's Pieces.  She yells pieces and runs to the kitchen corner where I keep them!

Oh running!  This is something she has really been working on.  She doesn't quite have it down yet, but she's getting faster.  Lately she has this new thing we've named Happy Feet!  Where she stands in one spot and pretends she's running.  It's hilarious!  She's also getting more dance moves.  She now stomps her feet, claps her hands above her head and of course she does the booty drop!  God this child kills me!  Lol!  

Her eating habits have been a little all over the place lately.  I think we've been teething for over a month now.  She has one canine through, and I think the others are on their way down and out as well.  So she's gone hot and cold.  As in one day she wants hot food, next day cold food, some days only really soft food, others crunchy.  She's obsessed with asparagus right now.  Is hating corn all of a sudden?  It's been a total guessing game.  And since I've been feeling terrible for over a week now, our home cooked dinners have been few and far between.  So Lola has had to enjoy some pretty boring meals.  Not a lot of creative juices flowing when everything makes you green and when you usually  prep meals while she naps instead, yourself are snoring logs on the couch.  The quick easy dinners tend to win!

We finally took LolaBean for her very first haircut last weekend.  It wasn't too bad.  JD only had one single tear escape.  My big softie hubby!  I swear her hair was thicker 2 days later!  We've now started blowdrying her hair at night after her bath.  I blow dry it while she brushes her teeth.  She refuses to let anyone else help her brush her teeth.  So we just let her do it.  

I have just one picture I can share today.  I haven't plugged in my phone lately so this is 3 weeks old.  I will get off my butt soon though and get some good pictures up!  Maybe in 4 weeks when my nausea is gone!  Lol!

That's all for today!

Much Love!


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Anonymous said...

I LOOOVEE this age too!! I am so excited for you and JD on Baby # 2!!