October 18, 2012

Lining Check..?

And Good!!!  Woot!  Woot!  My lining is over 10mm and my estridol levels are good.  I started the PIO this morning.  So it appears we are rocking and rolling forward with the FET train!  Phew!  

I will admit I did cry this morning as I got my first PIO shot.  Not from physical pain.  It's the emotions.  It just shouldn't be normal for us to have to do all of this to try to expand our family and yet it is and has.  But JD gave me a hug, I pulled up my big girl pants, wiped my eyes, and proceeded to wake my baby girl to get on with my day.  Because you know what..?  I will take a shot in the bum everyday for the rest of my life if it means I get to have another baby.

Now onto other matters!

Lola has started with some temper tantrums.  I think I've got it figured out.  But yesterday was really funny.  JD was home so he got to witness a full temper tantrum.  He had to leave the room he was laughing so hard. She's such a DIVA!  The tantrums seem to only happen when she's tired, thankfully.  

I've recently had to introduce timeouts though.  We've had some instances of being mean to the doggies.  They aren't long.  They are age appropriate.  And she knows she's been bad when she gets one.  But dang it, even I have trouble doing it as she's just so cute and funny.  


Seriously?!?!  How cute is she?  Oh my gosh I just love this little girl with all my heart!  

Okay folks I'm off!  I probably won't blog again until "Thaw Tuesday".  Please keep the prayers coming for frostie!

Much Love!



Michelle D said...

Such a sweet post. Lola is adorable. How long do you do time outs? I have the hardest time getting time outs to work with our girls...like never sit still. I've heard it can just be a time out of ignoring them but goodness. Discipline what a challenge right. Anyway I'm wishing you all the luck in the world with the thaw and transfer and forward.

J o s e y said...

Oh goodness - she really is adorable!

Good luck with this FET - fingers crossed for a great thaw report!

Cam said...

She really is a cutie pie! Good luck with the PIO shots....ouchee bums for a bit but so worth it. Thinking of you x