October 28, 2012


And I still haven't POAS!  I know crazy right?!  I'm too scared...  What if it's negative?  What if this didn't work?  I don't want to pop the bubble too soon...But at the same time I want to know...Arrgghhh!  This whole IF business is a real kick in the uterus!

How am I feeling...Well...Most of my weird little symptoms could be from the PIO or it could just all be in my head!  But I'll write them down for future reference.  As I know I've been scrolling the Internet for others going through the 2ww...

Achieness in my uterus...Check
Waves of nausea ..Check...which is really weird for me as I've never had morning sickness...I think it might be stress related or being over tired.

And folks that's it...I have no sore tatas...no tugging or pulling sensations in my uterus.  Nothing.  So as you can see there is absolutely no way to know one way or the other what is actually going on in there.  JD has asked me not to POAS.  He wants me to wait until Tuesday.  I see his point.  We are enjoying this time of being in the moment and PUPO.  And really who wants to be proven otherwise when there is nothing you can do about it.  SIGH!!!

I know I'll make it through a negative...as I swear I have the sweetest baby.  She has now started in the morning just calling for me in this tiny little happy voice.  Mommy....Dada...Mommy...Dada...?  Oh my gosh it just melts our hearts!  Before she always just chattered, but now she knows who she wants and she wants us!  *heart expanding*.  The first 2 nights of us being home she was getting up and calling us in the middle of the night.  I think she was afraid we were gone again.  Poor little mite!  But sure enough one of us would go in and lay her down and she'd happily go back to LALA land!  LOL!  

On a side note!  I am so over the moon excited for Will and Mo!  It just fills my heart to know that they are finally reaching their happy ending.  And I am so glad she is going to get to experience that heart exploding love that stays for the next (I don't know) 18 years of life with your child!  Congratulations Will & Mo!  I wish you all the joy in the world with Ms. Magpie!


Anonymous said...

Gahh!! You are a strong woman! And yes, I think the entire IF Blog community has left message of congrats to Mo and Will...so happy they crossed the other side!!

Michelle D said...

You are definitely holding in :) I agree sometimes you may as well enjoy the possibility while it lasts. I never had any weird symptoms or nausea at all with our girls. So I think even the mild symptoms you have sound good. Wishing you the best.