October 25, 2012


And how am I felling?
Not so good actually!  
The emotions that go with all of this are so hard to navigate.  One minute your up, the next you are down.  Right now I'm down.  The stats are what they are.  FET's do not have as good of stats as fresh.  Yes they've come along way, but even with a fresh transfer there is no guarantee.  
I've been crampy and sore since the transfer.  Now this could be because I ran 2 miles before the transfer, so my abs could be a little sore.  I don't know.  
I know I had cramping with my last transfer but it was different.  This cramping doesn't feel positive.  This cramping feels like my body is trying to release my little embryo.  I don't know...And really you can't know anything 2 days post a 5 day transfer.

Now onto other news...  

Coming home to Lola!  It was the best thing in the world to see my little girl.  I feel awful though as now she is having trouble letting me even go to the bathroom!  This morning dropping her off at the sitter was a nightmare!  She had to be picked up and turned away while I snuck out the door!  Sniff...sniff..  my sweet little girl!

I'm going to stay home with her tomorrow and the weekend so hopefully she will get back to normal.  I'm not really supposed to be picking her up, but OMG that is impossible not to!  She only wants her Mommy right now.  And she doesn't understand.  So yes I've had to pick up my 20 lbs daughter a number of time since I got home last night.  That being yet another reason why I think this isn't going to work.

Oh sigh!  

Anyway I have a picture post of all our fun times in Washington coming very soon!  And I leave you with this question...When do you think I should start peeing on those sticks!  LOL!  I have 8 waiting!

Much Love!



Augusta said...

the 2ww is hard, any way you slice it. Somehow, you'll get through it. You have before.
I am holding much hope for you.

Michelle D said...

I am still holding all great hopes as well. As to picking up Lola I say no guilt. It's not like she is a 3 year old or that much over a typical 10 lb weight limit. If it is meant to be it will indeed still happen. Sweet Lola. She is so precious. Best wishes for you KS...hang in there.

LisainSK said...

AH the mind screw of the TWW?!! Thinking of you. Don't even think about POAS until at least 6dp5dt. I did at 7dp5dt and is sucked...see "Dumpster Stick" post in Nov. 2010. Eesh! Fingers crossed!!

Cam said...

I dont think one is ever ready for the 2WW...crazy times anyway you try to approach it...thinking of you and holding onto hope tight! I peed on day 8p5dt so would hang on at least until then so you don't lose your mind! Big cyber hugs xx