September 21, 2012

Starting FET Prep & Whoops!!!

Ugh!  (smacking forehead)  I thought for sure I wrote down my protocol for our last DE IVF cycle.  But I have scoured the history for 2 days now and I can not find it anywhere.  Stupid!  Stupid!  Stupid!  Why oh why did I not write it down.  I'm usually pretty OCD about all of this stuff.  

So here's the complication...

No one can remember when I took the prednisone.  Actually no one can remember me taking the prednisone at all!  Except me of course.  I know I took it because I felt like super man on it.  I know we talked about it with all the Dr's because of my Hashimoto, but no one can remember who prescribed it or when during the cycle I took it.  

I think I took it at the same time as the antibiotics.  But I'm not 100% sure!  For some reason I have a feeling I took it after the transfer too, but that doesn't seem right.  Does it???  AyAyAyAy!

Anyway...To avoid this happening again.  I am posting my protocol right now!

FET #1 (an only from DE IVF #3)

Estrace 2mg 3x daily (orally) for the first 2 weeks
Estrace 2mg 3x daily (vaginally) to continue throughout
Prednisone to start Oct 9, 5mg once daily for 14 days
Dexamethasone to start Oct 16, once a day for 7 days
PIO to start on Oct 17...1 cc...(I'll have to double check on that)  

Thaw and hopeful Transfer Oct 23.

Start POAS craziness Oct 30...


If there are any tweaks or adjustments to my protocol, be sure I will post!  

So as you can see there is no lupron!  I'm a little nervous about this.  My body seemed to wake up a bit since I had Lola.  However, the last 3 months I seem to be sliding back into peri-menopause.  So I am currently on my first month of HRT.  I'm feeling okay...I guess...  I've been getting bad headaches and my back is really bugging me the last 2 days.  Kind of like my period is coming.  But I thought the HRT was supposed to regulate me a little better?  I thought I could expect it on Sept 25, so my first u/s and b/w are already booked for Sept 26.  

So I guess it seems this cycle is going to be like every other cycle JD and I have ever done.  A guessing game right up until the end!  Will she get her period...dum..dum..dum...will her lining grown...dum..dum..dum..will she ovulate through the estrace...dum..dum..dum..will frostie thaw and thrive...DUM...DUM...DUM...

Stay Tuned...!

Much Love!



MAJ Bryen said...

Wishing you the best of luck!

Brenda said...

Fingers crossed for you!!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed and right along this ride with you!!