September 18, 2012


I realize I haven't done an all about Lola post in while.  I've been a bad mommy.  I haven't written down her first words or steps.  I know this is a little late but I thought I should get it down now while it's still fresh in my mind.  (I hope you don't mind but I'm doing this in bullet points!)  

  • Lola's first word was Moma on New Year's Eve at almost 7 months old.
  • At 8 months she started saying Dada all the time and still does. 
  • At 15 months she has quite the vocabulary.  She now says Tonka, Lexxy, Maddie (Tonka is the very clear one the other two are a little garbled), ball, bubble, up, now, that, this, socks, whoops, uh oh, Dada, and of course her favorite NO!  
  • She started crawling at 10 months.  She was never a traditional crawler, more of a crab walk...One leg out straight and the other bent under her bum.  She was faster this way.
  • She started walking August 18, 2012 at the tender age of 14 months.  She had been hand holding and walking with aid for a bit, but finally that day I walked away too fast for her and she got mad popped up and that's it...She's been on the move since!
  • She actually started almost running this past weekend.  LOL!  Of course she wants to go faster!  Oh Lola what are you going to do to me child!?!  
  • When we change her diaper on our main level, we ask her to get us the diaper and she gets it out of the drawer for us..then when we are finished we give her the dirty diaper and ask her to throw it out.  She then toddles to the garbage and does just that!  She never ceases to surprise me!  
  • This past week she finally learned to give kisses and let me tell you I just can't get enough of them.
  • She hugs a lot too.  She also pats you on the back when she hugs you!  
  • She's still pretty tiny.  But she is wearing 12-18 month clothing.  Some is a bit too big, but it works.  
  • Her feet are super small.  Size 4 is still a little big.  Which means finding winter boots is going to be a challenge!
  • She now chases the dogs and squeals in delight when she almost catches one.  The other day she got out of her chair, squatted down to Maddie, hugged her and tried to pick her up.  So dang cute!  Maddie is her bestie!  They sit in Lola's chair together and watch Nursery Rhymes!
  • She is starting to make animal noises back to us now, which is pretty funny.  She growls like a Lion.  And she makes a monkey noise.  For some weird reason when we make the elephant noise she bursts into the full belly giggle.  When you ask her what a Bear says, she growls.  So lion and bear are the same to her!  LOL!  She actually growls at Tonka on occasion, which he deserves!  LOL!
I would love to have posted some pictures with this post, but I'm at work and I didn't bring my phone chord into work today.  Lola pictures to come.  She looks less like a baby now and more like a toddler.  Her hair is getting long and her eyes have stayed blue!  

She is the light of my life!

Much Love!


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