January 26, 2012

Day Late! Wednesday Weigh In!

Still struggling a bit!  But I think that is to be expected with a 7 1/2 month old.  Life can be a little unpredictable! 

Starting Weight: 168 lbs.
Last Week: 165 lbs.
Current Weight: 164 lbs.
Goal Weight: 125 lbs.
Realistic Goal: 145 lbs.
(A pound a week isn't bad...I'd freakin love to see 2 though at some point! :)  )

What I'm doing to achieve my goal:
I'm doing good on trying to cut my portion sizes down.  I'm still not eating enough through out the day.  I need to make sure that I eat at least 5-6 times through out the day and I'm still barely averaging 3x.  Lola just keeps me so busy though!  We still could be better about not eating out as much.  But we are taking baby steps here people!  Rome wasn't built in a day!  LOL!

Thursday - missed my endurance class and Lola and I didn't sleep the night before!
Friday - 1 hour step class  (I've never felt more out of shape and uncoordinated!)
Monday - 1 hour running class  (Kept pace with everyone even though I missed the week before!)
Tuesday - 1 hour muscle endurance class
Wednesday - 1 hour Cardio Kick

Goals (other than weight)
Fit into my smaller Silver Jeans!
5 km Fibre One run on February 29!
5 km run in April with JD and Lola
Try a Tri in the summer.
What I need to do:
I need to start switching up my work outs a bit.  Lola can NOT do 2 hours at the gym, so I'm going to have to skip muscle endurance once a week and hit a spin class.  Either that or hit a spin class at night...(but that's usually when JD goes to the gym...)  Make sure I eat enough protein to repair all the muscles that I'm trying to build!
Lower Calorie Meal Ideas/Tips
I actually don't have a recipe for you today, but I do have a helpful tip I got from my running coach.  Make sure that you eat a protein within an hour of your work out.  It helps repair the muscles and also gets your metabolism moving!  (I really need to do this...It's a battle everyday to remind myself to fuel the engine!  Eat dammit eat!)


Josey said...

Way to go on your workouts this week!!

Eating small meals is definitely important - if you're not getting enough cals, your body will start to hold onto everything and you'll quit losing weight. DOesn't that seems so backwards?

Cottage cheese is a GREAT high protein snack that is quick and easy. I try to keep all of my snacks and meals about 200-300 cals and a good balance of carbs/fat/protein, so I don't overeat, but I'm constantly fueling my body throughout the day.

200 Cal & 21g Protein:
170g lowfat cottage cheese (120cal)
100g strawberries (30cal)
9g almonds (50cal)

4oz yogurt, 1/2 c granola, handful of fresh berries - also about 300 cals

Other quick and easy sources of protein are hard boiled eggs and light string cheese.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good job KS!! I second what the above commenter said about protein sources. Those are also my fav snacks too.