January 24, 2012

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That's right this post is all about the tatas!  We have officially said goodbye to breastfeeding.  I am actually really sad to see the end of this time Lola and I have had together.  But...with 2 teeth...and the weight not moving, it's time to end it.  It took us almost 8 weeks to get it together, and I was never her sole nutrition, but we were in a really good routine with it.  I stopped the medication on Saturday.  And it is really amazing that the only reason I had milk was due to the dom.per.idone!  I haven't been engorged yet, mind you I have breast fed her 2x in the last 24 hours. 

Okay must rush off, Lola is getting mad at her excersauscer! 

Much Love!


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Hope C said...

Domperidone.done was a lifesaver. it allowed me to nurse for 12 months.
I couldn't loose weight while nursing either.
Great job on making it this far! It's so nice to have your body back once you're done!