January 18, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In!

Second Week not as good as the First but...whatever...I'm doing it!

Starting Weight: 168 lbs.
Last Week:         166 lbs.
Current Weight: 165 lbs.
Goal Weight: 125 lbs.
Realistic Goal: 145 lbs.

What I'm doing to achieve my goal:
Trying to cut my portions sizes down.  Eating out less.  (Failed that one this weekend!  Lola was teething all weekend and battling a cold, so she had me up 3x per night, so I kept going to the easy fast food fix for my dinner.  Plus I didn't eat lunch all weekend, and not eating enough of the right calories is not helping my cause any!)  Allowing myself to fail every now and again, but not allowing myself to get defeated.  I WILL NOT let failure set up residence in my head!  I CAN and WILL do this!

Thursday     - 1 hour muscle endurance class
Friday          - 1 hour of running homework (20 minutes running, 20 minutes elliptical, and 2000 metre of rowing)
Monday      - (missed running class as Lola was still teething and was napping during running class!)
Tuesday      - 1 hour muscle endurance class, and made it thru 15 minutes of spin class (I felt guilty for trying to force Lola to stay at the gym when I knew she wanted to nap!  We'll get there though!)
Wednesday - 1 hour Cardio Kick (was supposed to do my running homework but I forgot my pass for the track!  Oops!)

Goals (other than weight)
Fit into my smaller Silver Jeans!
5 km run in April with JD and Lola
Try a Tri in the summer.

What I need to do.
Increase my cardio and start staying for spin class after my muscle endurance class.  I also need to really limit my eating out.  I need to ensure that I actually eat 3x per day minimum and snacks.  Plus changing it up.  Not eating the same things every day or else your body gets stagnant! 

Lower Calorie Meal Ideas
This is where I have trouble.  Everything I know how to cook is all self taught and I am a super picky eater.  So right now in this category I'm going to start with my breakfasts and lunches, until I can figure out the low calorie dinner items...K? 
Fat Free Ham and Mozza Omelet, with 2 slices of toasted Rye Bread
Just as it sounds! 
2 egg omelet with 2 ounces of fat free ham and 1 ounce of mozza cheese.  (I actually don't like egg white only omelets, and some fats are good fats, plus I really need the protein after my morning workouts.) 

I felt super terrible about myself this weekend with all the cheating and such.  And I got into my own head a little too much.  That is not good for someone with a past eating disorder.  But I pulled myself out of it.  I reminded myself that with the thyroid problems and the breast feeding that it might take awhile for the weight to come off.  And that I'm not on the Bigg.est Lo.ser, I'm not going to lose 8 pounds per week!  LOL!  Duhhh!  And that even if I only lose 1 lbs. per week it's still better than nothing.  And getting out there and moving is still better than sitting at home thinking about going to the gym!

Now if anyone has information about doing a cleanse?  I'm all ears!  I would love to do a week cleanse.  Clean out all the toxins in my body.  Start fresh so to speak!  I hope everyone else trying out a "Healthy New Lifestyle" is doing good.  Hang in there ladies!  We are all in this together.  And we are doing this for the most fabulous people!  Ourselves! 

Much Love!



Josey said...

I really think that 1#/week is a GOOD goal. I come from an eating disorder background as well, and it keeps things realistic about a lifestyle change instead of a crazy calorie cutting or binging/purging mode.

For good fats I try to do avocado, almonds, etc. Avocado is great in omelets and salads - and the smooth, creamy texture can replace mayo/butter in sandwiches!

LisainSK said...

GOOD JOB on the weight loss!!!! You are being waaaay too hard on yourself. Keep at it...its gonna be off in no time!!