January 11, 2012

Weekly Wednesday Weigh In

Here it goes!

Starting Weight:    168 lbs.
Current Weight:    166 lbs.
Goal Weight:         125 lbs.
Realistic Goal:       145 lbs.

What I'm doing to achieve my goal:
Trying to make sensible decisions.  Eating when hungry (no unnecessary snacking).  No more chips or fast food, and down to one coffee a day.  Taking all my vitamins (apparently calcium helps you lose weight!).  And drinking lots of water.
Monday - 1 hour running class.
Tuesday - 1 hour muscle endurance class
Wednesday - Lola slept through our gym time! 

Goals (other than weight)
5 km run in April
Try a Tri in the summer.

What I need to do.
Increase my cardio and start staying for spin class after my muscle endurance class. 

Of course there will be cheat days here and there.  JD and I are not ones to make ourselves suffer.  And I tell you until I get my new stove (next Wednesday)  I'm sure there is going to be a lot of subs consumed for dinner in the next week.  (my stove shuts on and off and burns at super hot mode for no reason, piece of crap!).


LisainSK said...

Hey KS...I just joined Diva's group too. Crappy about the stove but yay for the new one!!

Hope C said...

I'm working on weight loss too. I may have to post updates too.
Good luck!