August 25, 2011

11 Weeks Old!

And every day you fascinate me more and more.  I fall deeper in love every time I look at you.  You now smile at us when we do goofy things.  You hold your head up on your own.  You giggle mostly in your sleep, but we are working on getting those giggles directed to us!  You love the 3 musketeers!  Instead of playing with your toys you watch them during mat time!  LOL!  You LOVE Baby Mozart!  You are finally wearing 0-3 months clothes!  Oh my sweet LolaBean you are the light of my life!

So now onto what had been going on in my world...  I started dom.per.idone and it seems to be really working.  Lola is now only getting 1-2 bottles of formula a day.  Mind you I am not pumping at all.  There really isn't any time to pump!  But she is definitely getting tons of breast milk.  So much so she likes to get a mouthful and then spit it back onto my (.)(.)!  Nice! 

At her 2 month appointment she weighed 9'10, so she is definitely over 10 lbs now.  She has outgrown all newborn things and most 0-3 month diaper shirts.  She doesn't quite fit into the Car.ter's 3 month sleepers or pants yet but she is getting there!  So for now the sleep sacks (night dress) are working, even though she hates getting them put on!

We noticed at about 6 weeks that Lola was only looking right on her play mat.  So I moved all the toys to the left, and she still wouldn't look left.  I brought this up at the Dr's and he checked her out.  Yes it appears she has slight torticollus (stiff neck), so we have been waiting for 3 weeks for the ped physio to call us and get us in.  Well on Monday I called a pediatric Osteopath, she got us in for yesterday.  So we had our first hour appointment yesterday.  Little Miss handled it quite well.  There is definitely a shortening in the muscles on the one side of the neck, it's not severe, but it is really good that we are getting this addressed right away.  This is the stage where the shape of your babies head is set, and one side is already a smidgen larger than the other from the skin being pulled by the tightened muscles.  There is also a nerve that runs the same path as the muscles but it runs into your digestive system.  This is probably being compressed at times causing the digestive issues that we are having.  Cause man can my baby girl honk the horn!  Her other nick name in the house is Tootsie!  LOL!  Anyway I'm really glad that we are finally getting this all looked at and taken care of.  I don't want my bean to be in any pain.

I've also been back to the gym.  :0  4 times this week.  I've done a bars & plates class, spin, boot camp and yoga.  So I am back and with a vengeance!  I have to get my body back in shape for attempt #2.  I do not want to possibly go into a 2nd pregnancy still carrying all this extra weight.  WE haven't fully decided when we are going to cycle again.  We've discussed February, but I think it will be more likely next October.  I'd really like to do this triathlon next Sept in Wasaga.  So we'll see!

Anyway I better run, LolaBean is starting to nap, so I need to as well!  LOL!

Much Love!



Anonymous said...

Hey KS...all sounds great! And good job for catching the neck issue with Lola bean! Yes, I've started back into fitness last week...feels awesome hey! And I am on the wagon BIG time too...when you've got like 30lbs to shed (20 post pg + 10 wishful pounds) there's alot of motivation. Little by little we will get there. LisainSK

HopeBPatient said...

Sounds wonderful!! So glad all is going so well for you and LolaBean. Take care!

Brenda said...

I'm so glad that everything is going so well! Yea for good times and happiness.:D !!

Michelle D said...

So happy to hear it's going well. I love the mommy-daughter picture :) You are both beautiful together. Take care.