December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope all of you have a very wonderful Christmas! 

I am working today, all day!  It is very boring in this office today, but Corporate demands us to be open so here we are!  I only have one other staff member in today and he's only here for 4 hours.  I'm unfortunately open for over 9 hours today.  Crazy! 

I took some quiet time this morning to slip away to the mall across the street and finish my shopping.  Thankfully I work across the street from one of the best malls in the area.  So I hit it right when it opened.  While I was there shopping with my pants undone I thought maybe I should buy a pair of maternity pants.  Oh man!  I can actually breath!  And my stomach doesn't hurt today!  My stomach actually does hurt!  It's so hard!  And I swear it's getting bigger on a daily basis.  The jeans I had on today I wore last week to get my hair done.  And now...nope not buttoning them up!  LOL! 

Tonight JD and I are on our own.  I am going home to finish wrapping, then he and I are going to the Ke.g for dinner.  After that I am going to get things ready for tomorrow.  I am making a breakfast casserole to take to my MIL's house for the morning.  And appetizers for the afternoon.  Appetizers are crab cakes and Mexican Rolls (these yummy tortilla rolled, baked goodness, that you dip in salsa).  So I still have a lot to do today!

Anyway I just wanted to pop on and wish all my blogger friends and very Merry Christmas!  I am thinking of you all.  Praying for you all!

Much Love!


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