December 23, 2010

12 Weeks 5 Days

We are just ticking away here.  I am a little uncomfortable, but I know it's just my body stretching to accommodate the Bebe.  I have had no more spotting to date!  Yahhh!  We are starting to wean off the meds finally.  I was on them longer than most due to the SCH.  We are now down to .5 cc's of PIO and only 2mg 2x daily.  On Sunday we are going to taper back to .5 cc's every other day and drop down to 1mg 2x daily and then hopefully stop everything by week 14. 

Am I getting closer to believing?
Well yes I am.  I've chosen to be positive until I have something to be negative about. 

Am I showing?
Well yes I am...Dang nam it...already!  It's more so because I have been benched from the gym.  And with a thyroid disaster that I am, any time away from the gym means hello weight gain and hello trucker belly.  I'm hiding it though under big sweaters until I feel more comfortable telling people.

Is there weight gain?
See Above!  I wasn't at my ideal weight going into this cycle.  Due to too many years of infertility and comfort food, but I was losing weight at a steady pace.  I am now up 10 lbs.  Which is alright...But I am going to try to make a consciences effort to control the weight gain.  And I am really hoping that I will be allowed to get back on the treadmill soon.  Even if it is just to walk.  I really wanted to try to stay fit throughout this pregnancy, but y'know it is what it is.  I can lose it all again later.

How is sleep?
Not great.  Boo!  I can't get comfortable for the life of me.  I have the body pillow and all, but I still seem to wake up at least 3x per night.  Oh well!

Anyway this is my update for now.  I'll pop another message soon with all of our Christmas plans!  I'm working right up until Christmas, so lots of free computer time!

Much Love!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! 12w5d already!! Time sure flies. I haven't stepped foot in the gym yet either. I **THINK** I am going to try next week once all the Christmas madness is over. Take care...

Brenda said...

Wow,12wks 5dys!! Congratulations!! :D Sounds like you are going to have a lovely Christmas :D