December 16, 2010

Quick Update

Everything went great!  Bebe is measuring 1 day ahead.  Spine looks good!  We have great pictures of the little one waving at us.  Bebe was being stubborn though and wouldn't turn for the tech, so our measurements for the Nuchal scan aren't 100%, but y'know what I'm not worried!  At least not today!

It took us over an hour and half to get home tonight, so I'm tired and just looking to veg on the couch right now.  JD is out snow blowing the copious amount of snow we've gotten.  Then maybe a little take out and early to bed tonight!

Lots of Love!



Anonymous said...

Sweet!!! So so sooooo happy for you two!!

Anonymous said...

YAY !!!! I am soo happy that BEBE is doing WONDERFUL !!! it's tears of joy !!! stay strong through this and you will do it and your bebe will be strong and healthy like mommy and daddy and furbabies !!!

merry xmas and happy new year !!! have a wonderful holiday's with your families !!!

HopeBPatient said...

Oh, KS, this is such fantastic news!!! I'm am so, so glad for you. Can't wait to hear about the next scan and to cheer you on through what, I'm sure, will be a very successful pregnancy!

Michelle D said...

YEAH! Glad to hear it also. Hope you are able to enjoy the holidays with some peace of mind now :) Take care and look forward to hearing more